The FUSE programme:

The First Users Action (FUSE) is a technology transfer programme aimed at stimulating the wider use of microelectronics technologies by European companies to increase their competitiveness and enhance their economic growth. The programme was lauched by the European Commission in 1995 with a budget of 65 million Euro.

FUSE has supported more than 500 companies to conduct and process development projects involving the adation of microelectronic technologies which are new to the companies. These innovative projects have resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of real life case studies illustrating the technical and economic benefits of microelectronic technologies. Today, companies from a wide range of industrial sectors including those that are not traditionally associated with microelectronics, are utilising the portfolio to conduct their own projects.

Through a network of Technology Transfer Nodes (TTNs), FUSE provides Best Practice in aquiring specific microelectronic technologies and conducting full development projects with its public portfolio. Local training and expert support to help companies plan and conduct microelectronics based projects successfully.

Microelectronic technologies can help your company become more innovative and competitive. To take advantage of FUSE support and guidance, contact your nearest TTN.