SMT, SMD Surface Mount Device Technology

    Field bus system in SMD technology reduces wiring effort by more than 90%

JTAG Boundary Scan reduces test and repair costs to less than 20%

Industrial communications board

Increased density achieves outstanding functionality

Microprocessor controlled Pig Feeding System

    Field bus and SMD technology reduce wiring effort by more than 90%

Universal low cost data acquisition system for a Scanning Probe Microscope

SMT and FPGA reduce the size and cost of High performance Scanning probe microscope

Mounting technology upgrade to SMT for an elevator control computer

Surface Mount Technology allows reduced production cost and product size

DSP-based audio mixer unit for radio and television stations

27% price reduction and better quality thanks to Digital Signal Processing

Frequency-Controller-board adaptation to SMD

SMD increases functional density by 20%

Low emission PCB for weighing machines

SMD technology in PCB design offers EMC compliance, increased reliability and reduced size and power consumption


Gluco Spot

SMT allows realising a pocket diagnostic instrument saving costs up to 75%

Ignition Controlled Engine Analysis

Applying PLD, DSP and SMT technology creates new market opportunities for portable, realistic monitoring and analysis

SMT and FPGA achieve Biomedical Freezer Controller

cost reduction Significant cost reduction achieved through integration with SMT and FPGA

DECT Tester

FPGA technology for the realisation of low cost and reliable chipset for INTEL MCS-51 family applications in DECT telecoms


Surface Mounting Technology innovates the new Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) receiver with open architecture and expandable channel selection

VHF and UHF amplifiers

RF SMD technology to boost the business

Electronic Controlled Hot Water High Pressure Washers

User friendly Washers with improved functionality using PCB-based Control