Others Special technologies or methods

    Field bus and SMD technology reduce wiring effort by more than 90%

JTAG Boundary Scan reduces test and repair costs to less than 20%


Prototype of a contactless transponder chip card employing flip-chip technology

Bar die technology allowed 60% cost reduction on transponder cards

An insect trap microsystem

Microcontroller technology enables revolutionary fly trap design

Boundary Scan Controller

Chip on Board (COB) enables size reduction of 80%

Diode array using Chip on Board (COB) technology

COB reduces cost of diode array for wheel alignment by 20%

Medium Power Monolithic Amplifier For Road To Vehicle Transmitter

Gallium Arsenide improves performance to cost ratio of high speed communication link.

60 GHz Transceiver

Smaller and cheaper unit using a Monolithic microwave integrated circuit

Application of Profibus Technology to Oil & Gas Drilling Monitoring Systems

New Bus System Saves 20% Rigging Costs in a Drilling Rig Monitoring Unit

A Micro Filtration Analysis System:

Silicon micromachining opens new markets for real time sample filtration analysis

A Non Contacting System for Textile Fibre Measurement

Microcontroller and RF Technology provides a low-cost, accurate and flexible solution

Industrial Communications Board

Increased density achieves outstanding functionality