MST Microsystems Technology

Advanced gas detection system

    Microsystem technology provides novel infra-red spectrometer

Silicon Microsystem

Improvement of stability, cost and applicability of Gamma Measurement Probe

Smart Optical Sensor

Mixed signal ASIC-based photo sensor allows cost reduction of more than 50%

Microsystem X-ray detector

Multiparameter X-ray detector allows 30% increase in companyprofitability


Chemical Fluid Analyser

Silicon Machined Micro-pumps and Sensors in an integrated Micro System (MST) improve test reliability and cost of ownership

Silicon Micromachined Flow Sensor with integrated temperature compensation

Achieves 1% accuracy at 0 to 5 m/s

Ultrasonic Measuring System for Solids Level Detection

Microcontrollers, Fuzzy & DSP Technologies provide a flexible & accurate solution

Domestic Water Pump Controller

Microcontrollers Technology creates low-cost, easy to commission and use products

Building Management Systems controller

Microprocessor digital controller for building management is more flexible

Traffic Lights Controller for Specific Applications

In house designed microcontroller improves flexibility

Automatic sterilisation process

Microcontroller brings greater accuracy and savings

Smart Sensor for Angular Position Detection

Replace micromechanics with microsystem to increase reliability and productivity

Aneorid Sphygmomanometer

Microsystem Technology Adds Significant Value To The Measurement of Pressures

Electronic Magnetic Ski Carrier For Cars

Microcontroller technology enables brand new ski-carrier with anti-theft and safety functions


Circular array of photodiodes plus electronics produced on a silicon wafer

Microsystems for secured shotguns. Integration of microsystem doubles sales in 10 years
Sales Growth of 3,000% from Adoption of Microsystems Technology

Water Purity Measurement System

Microsystems technology reduces sensor cost


Microsystem technology boosts market development

2,4GHZ Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Microstrip Radio Design

High performance with low bill of material