MCM Multi Chip Module

    Multi-sensor device for high reliability in fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing

Prototype of a contactless transponder chip card employing flip-chip technology

Bar die technology allowed 60% cost reduction on transponder cards

Data acquisition system for heating control

Multi-usable MCM for monitoring and control purposes

Battery charger uses power hybrid technology on Insulated metal substrate

IMS reduces component costs by 43% and manufacturing costs by 55%

DCB Technology for production of voltage regulators in motorcycle applications

A chip on board solution to regain competitivness

MCM development allows payback period of 19 months and ROI of 257% over 4 years

MCM development allows saving of NRE of 50 kEuro, a cost saving of 4 kEuro per unit, and saving of 18 kEuro per satellite launch

A generic actuator for Electro-luminescent Foils allows the integrated backlighting for keyboards and front-panels

How To integrate a controller-actuator for Electro-luminescent displays in your product

A Microsystem for Barcode Scanner

A CMOS-microsystem, integrating image sensor and electronics in a single chip, allows a consistent size reduction and achieves a cost saving of 24%.


Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Size and weight reduction with MCM-technology for Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor



MCM Reduces Cost Of Crystal Oscillator For Communications Equipment

Combining crystal and oscillator circuitry defends market share

MCM development allows payback period of 3 years and ROI of 337% over 5 years

Save mass and costs in your space equipment with our DC/DC convertor for high-rel applications

41GHz MCM Based Transmitter

A Multi Channel Video Broadcasting to approach a new market

Multi Chip Module for General Purpose Interface

MCM Technology achieves a cost reduction of 52%

Miniaturisation of a colour sensor by MCM

The miniaturisation achieves a reduction of the dimension of 98% and lower production costs

Brake control system

Hybrid (COB) technology reduces size by 85% and microcontroller improves brake life and performance

Immobiliser System for petrol and diesel vehicle engines uses MCM

MCM technology improves performance and cost of engine immobiliser

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller

High Security e-Payment Terminal

Up to 50% size reduction using an MCM

Industrial Food Quality Control

Faster, More Accurate and Cheaper with Chip-on-Board-Based Silicon Imaging Sensor Module

Integrated Solid State Switch

MCM Technology achieves a size reduction of 40%