Gang-saw for granite -
improved with FPGA


Level crossing -
improved with digital ASIC

FUSE is unique in its utilisation of the Application Experiment in which the best practice is recorded and availabe at this site as demonstrator.

During an Application Experiment, an enterprise is funded to conduct a complete project where it utilises a microelectronics technology which is new to the enterprise to improve an existing product or manufacturing process. The enterprise conducts its Application Experiment under the guidance of its local TTN and with the assistance of one or more subcontractors to ensure sufficient knowledge transfer into the enterprise. This enables the enterprise to achieve a significant increment in its technological and managerial capabilities. An Application Experiment is only conducted if there is sufficient evidence that it will result in significant and direct economic benefits to the enterprise.

The details and rationale of the AE economic benefits, lessons learned and best practices established are captured as a public demonstrator and included in the FUSE portfolio accessible via this site.

The information available about the different Application Experiments can be accessed via: