FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array

    Programmable logic archieves better performances at lower cost

    FPGA technology allows improvement of high-end hi-fi equipment

    Programmable logic achieves a cost saving of 20%

Increase in performance and flexibility using FPGA technology to control inductive coupling of sensors

    A Digital Real-Time Sound and Vibration Meter

Supernova installation tester

Microelectronics and IEE regulations

Powerful PC cards

    Manufacturing time and costs reduced by 40% using FPGA

Relay test equipment

FPGAs and DSP combine to make relay testing faster

Microprocessor emulator

FPGAs key to innovative, leading edge emulator design

An FPGA device for guns fire rate control

    How to increase sales by reducing the rate of fire

Upgrade of Engine Monitor for Vibration Analysis and size reduction to PC Card format

PCMCIA Vibration Analyser

FPGA used to improve the display for a racing car dashboard

...and double the profit margin

Chrome content measuring system

FPGA technology improves the quality of leather

Boundary Scan Controller

Chip on Board (COB) enables size reduction of 80%

FPGA controls stepping motor for synchronisation of motor axes

With a cost reduction of 34%

Universal low cost data acquisition system for a Scanning Probe Microscope

SMT and FPGA reduce the size and cost of High performance Scanning probe microscope

Error detection and correction unit

Application of FPGA technology guarantees highest data security

Digital Fan Coil Thermo-Controller

Performance and cost of an analogue industrial thermal control unit are improved with CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Device

FPGA based system for multi-axes servo controllers

FPGA replaces standard logic allowing increase of performance, boardsize reduction and cost savings

Keylock - 2

An Electronic Key for Software Protection is improved by FPGA technology allowing new

User friendly Line protection

Relay using FPGA Simpler interface and a 10:1 mechanical size reduction achieved by new technology

Monitor for dental furnaces

FPGA development to drive either the HERCULES or the VGA monitors for dental furnaces without any software modifications for the migration from the HERCULES to the VGA resolution.

Smart Positioning Controller Unit

Meeting automation market demands for more performances at lower costs with Programmable Logic technology

Multi Purpose Electronic building Block for industrial automation

FPGA is the core for a very flexible Multi Purpose Electronic building Block

Speaking machine for multi-access telecommunication equipment

Integration with FPGA reduces testing costs, while greatly enhancing performance

FPGA modernises and cost reduces an Amateur Radio HF/VHF transceiver

Programmable logic simplifies assembly and test and reduces cost of VHF/HF transceiver


Braille terminal

FPGA enhances reliability and reduces cost

Design of a Doppler Water Current Meter employing FPGA's

Reduced production costs and power consumption open new market opportunities for water flow velocity sensors

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Modulator



FPGA based Digital Mobile Radio Processor

Realises radio systems for national coverage

Supernova Installation Tester

Microelectronics and IEE Regulations

SMT and FPGA achieve Biomedical Freezer Controller

cost reduction Significant cost reduction achieved through integration with SMT and FPGA

Data acquisition card for PC

FPGA and ASIC technology allows real-time application under WINDOWS

Vector-Flux Control of Induction Motors

    DSP and FPGA technologies improve torque and dynamic responsed

Digital Video Encoder/decoder System

FPGAs give product a new lease of life

Cost saving of 40% achieved through use of FPGA in LED Video Display

FPGA and ASIC application for information systems and large video displays

Data logging

FPGA and DSP improve performance and design flexibility

DECT Tester

FPGA technology for the realisation of low cost and reliable chipset for INTEL MCS-51 family applications in DECT telecoms

Field Programmable Gate Array for stone processing

FPGA technology to squeeze a five-boards system into one single board

CNC Woodworking And Aluminium Working Machines.

Microcontroller and FPGA for control encoder improves the product and increases market share

Multipurpose Electronic Board for Air Data Set Test Equipment

FPGA improvements to obtain cost reduction and performance improvement

FPGA Leads to Cost and Space Reductions
FPGA Technology Reduces Controller Cost by 35%
Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller


Mixed ASIC and FPGA technology enable 95% reduction in volume size of instrument

The combined usage of microprocessor and FPGA technologies allow to build up a new concept taximeter with greatly enhanced features. Return of investment is expected higher than 7 times in 5 years


Engine Control Unit Interceptor 2000 Phase II

FPGA development capability to intercept & modify Engine Management Signals

Controlled water and power bollard

FPGA will increase the company markets hare in 5 years

Portable, battery operated device for measurement and metal detection

Reduction of production costs by a factor four

An improved Linear CCD Control System

FPGA technology provides improved accuracy and flexibility

Improved Data Logging System

Frequency and Time Interval Measurement Using FPGA Technology