DSP Digital Signal Processor

    A Digital Real-Time Sound and Vibration Meter

Relay test equipment

FPGAs and DSP combine to make relay testing faster

DSP solution of VRVT Conditioning Board

DSP-based conditioning electronics for position transducer

DSP-based audio mixer unit for radio and television stations

27% price reduction and better quality thanks to Digital Signal Processing

Accurate optical sensor based on advanced signal processing

How DSP and SMT technologies may open new dimensions to optical distance measurement at a 50%

Automatic Spray and Re-seed Machine

More and better pasture using DSP

An improved Data/Voice Communication Switching (DVCS)

New DSP-based Front-End for DVCS system improves market share


New regulator for proportional valve

The DSP gives a new heart to electric-hydraulic components

Ultrasonic Measuring System for Solids Level Detection

Microcontrollers, Fuzzy & DSP Technologies provide a flexible & accurate solution

Burglary Detection

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) improves accuracy and reliability of intruder detection

Ignition Controlled Engine Analysis

Applying PLD, DSP and SMT technology creates new market opportunities for portable, realistic monitoring and analysis

Light Curtain Scanner

DSP improves accuracy, performance and manufacturing costs while opening new markets

Vector-Flux Control of Induction Motors

    DSP and FPGA technologies improve torque and dynamic response

Digital Modulation for Radio Modem

    Digital Signal Processing improves transmission speed

A DSP Based Alarm for the Deaf and Blind

Microelectronics Simplifies the Design of the 'Silent Alert' Pager

Portable, battery operated device for measurement and metal detection

Reduction of production costs by a factor four

Stones crushing machine

DSP technologies secure operation and predictive maintenance functions

Microprocessor technology achieves a reliable control system and 40% costs reduction
DSP technology in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)

The product turnover is increased 7 times in three years

Data logging

FPGA and DSP improve performance and design flexibility