ASIC (Mixed) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (Mixed A/D)

    Innovative technology strengthens competitive position in smart card readers

Mixed ASIC based redesign, reduces production cost more than 12%

    ASIC improves adaptability to patients needs

    ASIC technology allows doubling of market share

Reliability enhancement of artificial Kidney machine using an ASIC

ASIC based artificial Kidney machine with increased reliability and safety for the patient's life

An ASIC-based power supply measurement and monitoring system

ASIC technology achieves 48 %cost reduction

Mixed signal ASIC for Bank Security

Reduces production cost by 20%

An ASIC-based control unit for window type air conditioners

ASIC technology achieves cost saving of 10%

An ASIC for wireless RF mouse

Mixed signal ASIC achieves low-cost, low-power, rechargeable wireless product

Electronic Interface for EMF Keyboards

Custom Mixed Signal ASIC for ruggedised EMF Keyboard

Multiswitch for Satellite and TV Receiver

Mixed signal ASIC improves TV receiver switch cost and performance

Optical Coin recognition

Microelectronics based on mixed signal ASIC allows recognition of Euro coins

High performance voltage stabiliser

ASIC and Microcontroller technology lead to 25% cost reduction

Medium Power Monolithic Amplifier For Road To Vehicle Transmitter

Gallium Arsenide improves performance to cost ratio of high speed communication link.

A Magneto Resistive Sensor for Shaft Encoder Applications

A microfabricated magneto resistive sensor for encoder applications reduces cost by 50% and increases life

Mixed-signal ASIC for Drive Control

ASIC achieves cost reduction of 15-50%

Single chip inverter controller mixed signal ASIC

New frequency inverter with a cost reduction of 30%

Baby Monitoring System VitaGuard® VG3000

Mixed-signal ASIC with pay-back period of one year

ASIC full colour LED Display Driver

From discrete drivers to highly integrated ASIC for large displays, including memory and data transfer management

Smart Optical Sensor

Mixed signal ASIC-based photo sensor allows cost reduction of more than 50%

Mixed Signal ASIC for Valve Bus

The new system reduces costs by about 25 % compared to the existing product.

Advanced hearing aids with Audio ASIC

Adopting ASIC technology manufacturing costs is reduced by a factor of two

An ASIC for power systems

Mixed signal ASIC offers increased reliability, cost reduction, smaller PCB size and reduced assembly time for UPS and stabilisers power systems

Mixed Signal ASIC in Gas Instantaneous Boiler Controller

15% cost reduction and improved safety are achieved with Mixed Signal ASIC in a Gas Instantaneous Boiler Controller

Seat-heater controller

Automotive smart power ASIC increases quality and safety

Mixed Signal ASIC for Tape Drive

New ASIC gives cost reduction and new functionality in tape streamer

Mixed signal ASIC reduces costs of hand-held magnetic strip reader

Mixed signal ASIC reduces costs of hand-held data logger



    A reliable and cost effective solution

Wireless Bike Rear Derailleur System

Mixed signal ASIC technology results in innovative new product

Jaquard Machine Control: Mixed Signal ASIC reduces costs and improves reliability and performance

Microcontrollers Technology creates low-cost, easy to commission and use products

Interleaved Sampling Chip for ultrasonic tightening control reduces manufacturing cost by over 90%.

ASIC for ultrasonic tightening-control allows penetration in the cost-sensitive car-manufacturing market .

Gas Sensor ASIC

Adopting ASIC technology manufacturing costs is reduced by a factor of two

Custom Integrated Full Logic Cassette Player

Mixed ASIC technology reduces production cost increasing product functionalities

Smart Sensor for Angular Position Detection

Replace micromechanics with microsystem to increase reliability and productivity

Chipcard Reader for Electronic Cash

Mixed Signal ASIC opens new markets for a small company

ASIC for smoke detectors

Microelectronics reduces cost, increases reliability


ASIC technology improves functionality and reliability

Electronic Control for Gas Boilers-Heaters

    ASIC technology improves performance and reduces pollutants

Sensorless variable speed control of AC drives

    ASIC technology reduces elevators costs

Multi-usable temperature controller

    Mixed Signal ASIC technology permits automatic calibration and a cost reduction of 45%

Fluorescent Lamo Driver

Mixed signal ASIC as controller for fluorescent lamps with reduced costs, increased luminance efficiency, load-adaptive power control and EMI reduction

Magnetoresistive Current Sensor

Mixed Signal ASIC doubles Turnover in one Year

Heating-, ventilation-, and air conditionig appliances

Mixed signal ASIC improves performance-cost ratio for humidity- and temperature sensing

CMOS ASIC Hydraulic Valve


ASIC Device Reduces Product Cost and Enhances Product Performance


Mixed ASIC and FPGA technology enable 95% reduction in volume size of instrument

Mixed Signal ASIC achieves a 90% cost reduction and improved performance
It allows better performances, cost reduction by 60% and an increased market share


Mixed Signal ASIC and top-down design approach allow to realise a cost effective "virtual set of instruments" for navigation assistance of ships and leisure boats

Mixed Signal ASIC technology enables to implement an efficient control for synchronous motors to be integrated into dishwashers motor pumps. The solution allows to cut the cost of the product materials more than 10%
Air Vent Control by Human Presence

Mixed Signal ASIC technology reduces control system costs by 75 %


ASIC technology innovates toys creating a better interactive approach with a classical doll

Improved Blood Flow Monitor ASIC Technology

Improves Performance at Lower Cost