ASIC (Digital) Application Specific Integrated Circuit (Digital)

ASIC technology allowed 30% cost reduction and improves security on railway crossing systems

ASIC based portable infusion pump controller provides safety for the patients

ASIC achieves high safety, lower power consumption and simple user interface

An ASIC for a fiber optic video and talk set

ASIC contributes to sales increase of 15% per year

A PCM matrix interface

ASIC contribution to company's prestige for low quantities

JPEG processor for wireless image transmission modem

ASIC technology achieved 30% increase (for the first year) in wireless modem sales

Controller- and Pre-processor- Digital ASIC for CCD-Sensors

Used in a new generation of Star Sensors for space applications

The intelligent lamp for low cost automation

Using digital gate array technology

A Video Scaling Gate Array ASIC

Higher quality multi-image display at a reduced cost

PDP11 Single Board Computer

50% performance improvement using a digital ASIC

ASIC for Data Acquisition and Protocol Transfer

ASIC to permit simple remote transfer of data in a hazardous environment.

Interface Device For PLC Signal Modules

Gate-Array-ASIC achieves a cost saving up to 30%.

ASIC-based electronic publishing product

A digital ASIC performing "on the fly" decompression of data for image setters

Advanced multifunctional FIR filter device

Small digital ASIC replaces huge analogue board

ASIC Reduces Manufacturing Cost Of Spread Spectrum Analyser For PABX

Integration of common PABX functions in an ASIC reduces manufacturing costs


Call Accounting

Embedded Micro Digital ASIC gives competitive product cost



Digital correlator for Photon correlation

ASIC implementation results in more than 200% speed increase, 1/5 power consumption and substantial cost reduction

Data acquisition card for PC

FPGA and ASIC technology allows real-time application under WINDOWS

Profibus control module

ASIC Gate Array reduces cost and guarantees supply

High Speed Data Bus for Motion Control

ASIC extends high speed bus capability across product range

Cost saving of 40% achieved through use of FPGA in LED Video Display

FPGA and ASIC application for information systems and large video displays

ASIC for Electronic musical keyboards

Increased competitiveness using VHDL methodology in design