Scale Model Automatic Racing Track
Microcontroller technology innovates toys simulating true races of cars
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    365 Toys
TECNOGIOCATTOLI SEBINO S.r.l. is an Italian Company with 15 employees and it is involved in design, production and distribution of toys. The relevant industrial sector is therefore classified, in accordance with an European standard classification, as PRODCOM 3650 - Toys. The company has been active in this field since 1979.
Its products are racing tracks - in scale with respect to the reality - targeted both for children and for professional amateur consumers as end users.
The Company's lines of products are: 1/32, 1/43 and 1/66 racing tracks, where the ratio indicates the scale of reduction for the product..
TECNOGIOCATTOLI markets its product mainly in Italy (it enjoys 39% of Italian market share) through the company HASBRO ITALIA, a subsidiary of the HASBRO Co. (England), and in France through other local distributors.
Its currently turnover (1999) has been 2518 KEuro
All its existing products are designed utilising mechanical and mould technology with some electrical parts to energise the motors of the cars and the race control. No experience in electronics was inside the company before the present experiment, with the only exception of very minor applications of PCBs, which were acquired as product off the shelf.
The objective of the Application Experiment was the realisation of a prototype of a Microcontroller based Control Unit to be used in the "Polistil Formula 1" race track models, as improvement of the existing product, in order to be able to face the strong competition in this market sector, coming both from traditional competitors and newcomers, like companies from Asian Countries, as well as coming from completely different car racing games, like Computer video games. The new Control Unit is designed with the objective to obtain benefits in terms of cost/effectiveness and to re-conquer a market penetration reduced in the recent years and still decreasing.
The developed Control Unit will be applicable to all the lines of the existing products, even if with a modular approach of increased complexity and functionality, depending on the different consumers targeted by each different product, people ranging, from kids to adult professionals.
Other than increased functional capabilities of the product, the objectives of the AE is the increase of the product profit from the current 27% for the standard race track up to 60% for the SMART equipped with the Control Unit.
This is obtained mainly by containing as much as possible manufacturing costs (i.e. by using a low number of discrete and integrated components on the board) and, on the other hand, by enriching the product features thanks to a SW-based diversification. It is estimated that the new product will increase the Company's Italian market share from the present 39% up to 45%, increasing its presence in Europe from 5% to 8% in four years.
This project has been developed with an effective cost of 40.2 KEuro and an effective duration of 10 months
The economic AE benefits are calculated in the period 2001-2004 on the basis of the increased market penetration, due to the better performance and market appeal of the new product. The next industrialisation phase requires a further cost of 80 Keuro.
The investment is expected to be recovered within 10 months and the Return of Investment (ROI) is estimated in 344%.

Centro Commerciale Bettolino,
Strada provinciale 33 Km 0.230

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