Transport equipment

ASIC technology allowed 30% cost reduction and improves security on railway crossing systems

FPGA used to improve the display for a racing car dashboard

...and double the profit margin

Diode array using Chip on Board (COB) technology

COB reduces cost of diode array for wheel alignment by 20%

Power semiconductor modules for automotive applications

New assembly solutions open up new market opportunities

DCB Technology for production of voltage regulators in motorcycle applications

A chip on board solution to regain competitivness

Electronic brake control system

Introduction of microelectronics into a failure tolerant and highly reliable anti slide braking system improves the safety of high speed trains

ASIC full colour LED Display Driver

From discrete drivers to highly integrated ASIC for large displays, including memory and data transfer management


DC-Motor Controller

Analogue ASIC reduces production costs

Seat-heater controller

Automotive smart power ASIC increases quality and safety

Wireless Bike Rear Derailleur System

Mixed signal ASIC technology results in innovative new product

Immobiliser System for petrol and diesel vehicle engines uses MCM

MCM technology improves performance and cost of engine immobiliser

Integrated Solid State Switch

MCM Technology achieves a size reduction of 40%

Railways Engineering

    Microcontroller improves performance and reduces cost by 15% of railway points temperature control

Automotive CAN-BUS Multifunction Electronic System

Microcontroller doubles product functionality at lower cost

    Microcontroller technology improves functionality and competitiveness of nerve stimulation and monitoring system

Switched output temperature sensor

Microcontroller technology opens up new market opportunities

An intelligent security post

    Integration of microcontroller technology enables inclusion of several features into security post

Marine Propeller Shaft Power Meter

Microcontroller Technology Reduces Cost and Improves Performance

CMOS ASIC Hydraulic Valve


Inflatable Marine Safety Equipment

Low Weight and Cost System Using Microcontroller Technology


Mixed Signal ASIC and top-down design approach allow to realise a cost effective "virtual set of instruments" for navigation assistance of ships and leisure boats

FPGA Leads to Cost and Space Reductions


Engine Control Unit Interceptor 2000 Phase II

FPGA development capability to intercept & modify Engine Management Signals

Air Vent Control by Human Presence

Mixed Signal ASIC technology reduces control system costs by 75 %

By using Microcontroller and PLD Technology a new generation of system has been developed
The combined usage of microprocessor and FPGA technologies allow to build up a new concept taximeter with greatly enhanced features. Return of investment is expected higher than 7 times in 5 years