An improved in-vehicle unit for E-TRACK fleet management system
By using Microcontroller and PLD Technology a new generation of system has been developed
Technologies used

 Microcontroller, PLD

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    355 Other Transport Equipment

EMPHASIS OE is a young Information Technology (IT) firm, specialising in the development and integration of applications for the transportation and the distribution market sectors.

EMPHASIS activates in the following telematics applications segments of the domestic market: Fleet Management systems, Telemetry applications and WAP applications.

The firm currently employs six people and achieves annual turnover of approximately 300KEUR. Fleet management systems market accounts for the 50% of the total firm's turnover, Telemetry applications account for 30% and WAP applications for 20%.

The firm has strong technical orientation and during the course of its operations (since 1996), has acquired significant experience in the areas of transportation management and telematics in acting as specialised service provider, developer and small-scale producer of customised applications and market specific products.

EMPHASIS competition includes firms established in the software/electronics/communication integration field. Until now fleet management activity has no significant domestic market competition while telemetry and WAP activities compete in an already mature market.

In 1996, EMPHASIS introduced E-TRACK, an innovative fleet tracking and management system providing two-way communications between vehicle and centre of operations. The in-vehicle unit of the system collects and makes available to the centre of operations data such as the geographical position of the vehicle, the condition of the freight and other operational data.

Prior to the application experiment, the firm had no experience in microelectronics design and development. The objective of the application experiment was to improve the electronics of the in-vehicle unit, which was implemented on an industrial PC board, by using Microcontroller and PLD technologies in order to reduce it's physical dimensions, physical weight, power consumption and cost.

Microcontroller and PLD technologies were chosen because they comply with the above requirements and, in comparison with other technologies (FPGA, ASIC), allow for flexibility to specific customer requirements, make prototyping easy during design development and keep the cost low in relatively low-volume production quantities.

By taking full advantage of these technologies, EMPHASIS will be given the opportunity to become more competitive from the technological point of view, penetrate new market segments such as the small vehicle and motorcycle/scooter fleet and finally introduce E-TRACK in the large European Market.

The application experiment was completed in 11 months at a cost of approximately 52,8 KEUR.

The payback period for the application experiment is estimated to be less than 2,4 years and the return on investment within a 3,3-year period (the estimated product life) about 129%.

Following the application experiment, EMPHASIS is now capable of undertaking the incremental design of the improved product for other applications, and the manufacture of the new product.

GR-115 28 ATHENS

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