Industrial process control


Increased density achieves outstanding functionality

Magnetic field signal conditioner and processor

Microcontroller enables low cost, easy to use linear magnetic sensors

Upgrade of Engine Monitor for Vibration Analysis and size reduction to PC Card format

PCMCIA Vibration Analyser

Data acquisition system for heating control

Multi-usable MCM for monitoring and control purposes

Chrome content measuring system

FPGA technology improves the quality of leather

The intelligent lamp for low cost automation

Using digital gate array technology

Micro Controller in Washing Machines in Laundromats

Leads to a reduction in manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs

FPGA controls stepping motor for synchronisation of motor axes

With a cost reduction of 34%

Electronic Interface for EMF Keyboards

Custom Mixed Signal ASIC for ruggedised EMF Keyboard

Design of a microprocessor control board

50% cost saving achieved using proprietary microprocessor board

Error detection and correction unit

Application of FPGA technology guarantees highest data security

Digital Fan Coil Thermo-Controller

Performance and cost of an analogue industrial thermal control unit are improved with CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Device

Incremental Encoder

Optical microsystem with ASIC technology allows high performance and small size at a lower cost

Full Digital Vector-Controlled Inverter

Application of Microcontroller technology to increase competitiveness of automation products targeted to paper machinery manufacturers

Electronic brake control system

Introduction of microelectronics into a failure tolerant and highly reliable anti slide braking system improves the safety of high speed trains

Accurate optical sensor based on advanced signal processing

How DSP and SMT technologies may open new dimensions to optical distance measurement at a 50%

Smart Optical Sensor

Mixed signal ASIC-based photo sensor allows cost reduction of more than 50%

Smart Positioning Controller Unit

Meeting automation market demands for more performances at lower costs with Programmable Logic technology

Multi Purpose Electronic building Block for industrial automation

FPGA is the core for a very flexible Multi Purpose Electronic building Block


New regulator for proportional valve

The DSP gives a new heart to electric-hydraulic components

A Micro Filtration Analysis System:

Silicon micromachining opens new markets for real time sample filtration analysis

Industrial Communications Board

Increased density achieves outstanding functionality

Motor load monitor

Analogue ASIC improves performance at lower cost.

Interleaved Sampling Chip for ultrasonic tightening control reduces manufacturing cost by over 90%.

ASIC for ultrasonic tightening-control allows penetration in the cost-sensitive car-manufacturing market .

Data acquisition card for PC

FPGA and ASIC technology allows real-time application under WINDOWS

Miniaturisation of a colour sensor by MCM

The miniaturisation achieves a reduction of the dimension of 98% and lower production costs

Profibus control module

ASIC Gate Array reduces cost and guarantees supply

Vector-Flux Control of Induction Motors

    DSP and FPGA technologies improve torque and dynamic response

High Speed Data Bus for Motion Control

    ASIC extends high speed bus capability across product range

Cost saving of 40% achieved through use of FPGA in LED Video Display

    FPGA and ASIC application for information systems and large video displays

Data logging

    FPGA and DSP improve performance and design flexibility

Field Programmable Gate Array for stone processing

FPGA technology to squeeze a five-boards system into one single board

Microcontroller based photoelectric sensor

Performance improvements to maintain competitiveness

Solid-state data-logger

Pipeline inspection vehicle tracking using microcontroller technology

    Microcontroller technology improves functionality and competitiveness of nerve stimulation and monitoring system

Switched output temperature sensor

Microcontroller technology opens up new market opportunities

FPGA Technology Reduces Controller Cost by 35%
Intelligent weather monitoring system

'Smart' weather sensors communicate using microcontroller technology

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
Fermentation Control Equipment Using Microcontroller Technology

Microcontroller Enables Custom Feature Enhancement and Cost Reduction

A Model Train Shuttle

Microcontrollers Facilitate New Product Range

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
ASIC Device Reduces Product Cost and Enhances Product Performance
Inflatable Marine Safety Equipment

Low Weight and Cost System Using Microcontroller Technology

Feature Enhancement Based on Microcontroller Technology
Microcontroller Technology Opens New Market Opportunity

Water Purity Measurement System

Microsystems technology reduces sensor cost

Microcontroller technology improves efficiency, competitiveness and feature count

An improved Linear CCD Control System

FPGA technology provides improved accuracy and flexibility

Industrial Food Quality Control

Faster, More Accurate and Cheaper with Chip-on-Board-Based Silicon Imaging Sensor Module

Improved Reliability and Feature Enhancements Provide New Market Opportunities