Motor load monitor
Analogue ASIC improves performance at lower cost.
Technologies used

Analogue ASIC

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    333 IP,Industrial process control systems
Emotron AB develops, manufactures and markets high-technology products which drive and supervise machines and processes driven by electric motors. The overall market consists of manufacturing and service industries where the products from Emotron are protecting machinery and processes, cutting energy consumption and reducing the wear and tear on equipment components. Emotron has about 150 employees and a turnover in 1999 of 180 MSEK (about 21 MEUR). The industrial sector for Emotron products is: IP, Industrial process control system.

The main users of FUs are within the pump and fan industries, together with conveyers and other material handling equipment. Today Emotron is protecting all these applications with the El-Fi monitor when directly driven. However, the present product range can, by technical reason, not work with the above applications when driven by an frequency inverter. With the new technology Emotron can also penetrate this, frequency inverter driven, market.

The AE involves design of a general measurement module for load monitors. A load monitor uses an induction motor itself as a sensor to supervise the driven load and protect it from destructive over- or under-loading by limiting the load torque. Load monitors are used in applications where electric motors drive for example pumps, fans and screw conveyors. The load monitors are designed using through-hole or surface mount standard components on printed circuit boards.

The main objective of the AE is to implement a more advanced measurement principle at a lower production cost for the load monitors. This will make existing models more competitive but will also make it possible to design new load monitor models that will expand the market into areas where load monitors have not been used before. The analogue ASIC implements a true three phase measurement principle that also enables use together with frequency inverters. Both these advantages will be achieved at a lower production cost than the current less advanced models.

An analogue, array based ASIC has been developed in co-operation with Svenska Grindmatriser AB. The ASIC realises a general motor load measurement module. The AE duration was 17 months and the cost 105 kEUR.

The payback period for the development of the updated load monitors is 8. The Return of Investment is 429% considering a product lifetime of three years. Emotron has further acquired knowledge about partitioning and designing an analogue ASIC and in evaluating an analogue design with computer simulations.
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