Digital Fan Coil Thermo-Controller
Performance and cost of an analogue industrial thermal control unit are improved with CPLD – Complex Programmable Logic Device
Technologies used
Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    333 Industrial process control equipment
    29 Tool & Machinery: Non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment
Rossbauer is an Italian Company composed by 10 technical persons and it has been carrying out electronic projects since 1981. Its main expertise is in the field of industrial and radio communication technologies. Company's experience in Radio Frequency design permits them to execute EMI-EMC test on their own products, following the European Specifications 89/336/CEE.
Main products are industrial systems developed to third parties, produced as complete systems from technical specifications to finished products. Among its main customers the Company has the national FS railway transportation service to whom it sells railway lighting devices
Rossbauer follows all the security, electromagnetic compatibility EMI/EMC and quality (ISO9004) specifications (CEI, ISO, UNI and CEE directives).

The AE objective is to replace a Fan Coil Thermo Controller (FCT) used in both domestic and industrial environment, today realised in analogue technology. Due to the high production cost, the Company is going to stop the FCT production. The Company has replaced the old analogue FCT with the new digital one, introducing the digital technology for the first time. The Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) used in this AE allowed to achieve:
  • performance improvement (better precision, higher control over the motor; no calibration activities); manufacturing and test costs reduction;
  • discrete components number reduction used on board and hence reliability (MTBF) improvement;
  • increase of First User design capability in digital design techniques and CPLD area;
  • increase of First User managerial capabilities in project planning and vendors interfacing.

The project started on 15/01/97 and finished on 30/08/97, with duration of 8 months. The effort spent was of 4.5 person/months and the funding was 27 KECU. The pay-back period is foreseen as 16 months and the ROI (incremental profits on product lifetime/initial investments) is evaluated in the figure of 130% over five years.

This AE is of interest to every Company that has move for the first time towards digital solutions, especially oriented to applications for controlling temperature, in domestic or professional environments.
The AE has permitted the Company to maintain a product line that it was going to stop due its high production cost.

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