Multipurpose Electronic Board for Air Data Set Test Equipment
FPGA improvements to obtain cost reduction and performance improvement
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    332 Instruments & Appliances for measuring, checking, testing etc
D. MARCHIORI is a dynamic Italian company (with 8 employees ), dedicated to R&D, which designs and manufactures precision microprocessor controlled mechanical and measurement devices, aircraft ground support test equipment and software products for the military and commercial aerospace market. The company, established in 1938, developed a deep know-how in producing high precision mechanics used in scientific equipment. Its industrial sector is classified as Prodcom code 3320, Instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing etc.
At present D.Marchiori S.r.l. is the main supplier of the Italian Ministry of Defense (M.O.D.) and of Italian Aircraft Manufacturers for the Pitot Static Test Set and for most of the Test Benches used for aircraft instruments maintenance laboratories. In 1998 exports were approx. 45% of total sales.
Before AE experiment DMA produced digital and analogic cards for its equipment; but didn't have any experience in FPGA field.
Scope of present experiment was to develop a multifunction integrated electronic/pneumatic system to drive a series of Air Data Test Set (a system to control and calibrate the aircraft sensors related to the atmospheric pressure) by utilising a new electronic technology never used before by DMA Marchiori, the FPGA.
This has been accomplished to obtain cost reduction and performance and accuracy improvement of Air Data Test Set.
The realisation of this project requires the replacement of four commercial boards with one designed internally to the company and built around an FPGA electronic Chip. In this way a really innovative technology will be introduced in the company, making the new product more competitive in terms of price, performance (24 bits resolution with a 20MHz time base instead of 10 bits with a 10MHz time base), functionalities (12 electro-valve drivers with 12 resolution not present in old system) and reliability (board number reduction from 5 to 2 increase not only system testability but also mechanical reliability during on field operation).
The AE duration was 12 months (holidays not included), with a total budget of 87 KEUR. The pay-back period is about 15 months.
The Return of Investment on the FUSE investment is estimated to be 528% on the entire product life. The AE is of interest for company working in the control equipment and particularly in air transport system.
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