A Microcontroller Compensated Dew-Point Analyser
New Technology Enables Major Product Feature Extensions
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    23 Oil and Petrochemical Industries Using Remote Sensors
    15-16 Brewing and Fermentation
    31 Data Logging and Recording and Environmental Monitoring
    332 :Biotechnology and Biochemical Analysis
Alpha Moisture Systems specialise in the manufacture and marketing of Dewpoint Analysers used for the measurement of moisture content in gases. The company also provides technical support to its customers.

The objective of the Application Experiment was to incorporate microcontroller based solution to one of the products and to gain first use experience with this technology.

The existing product had analogue circuitry and had very limited functions and also the read out was limited to an analogue indicator.

With the introduction of microcontroller technology it was possible to improve the accuracy and response of the product and add other functions, such as open circuit and short circuit detection, digital indication and indication of other moisture units.

The digital based solution was designed so that it could be incorporated into other product ranges, giving the company a technical edge over its competitors.

The Application Experiment commenced on 1 April 1997 and was completed within the 7 month schedule on 27 October 1997. The total cost of the prototype development work was 54.8 KEUR, and the industrialisation costs were 18 kEUR. Based on the FUSE development costs and the expected increased sales the total return on investment over the 7 year life of the product was calculated at 558%.The payback period for the investment is approximately 1.6 years from the point of introduction.

The experience gained by the company during the experiment is expected to be of interest to other small companies producing analogue monitoring instruments, or companies operating in industry sectors identified by Prodcom Codes 31,23,3320 or 159 (Data logging and recording equipment, oil and petrochemical industries, biochemical analysis or brewing sectors).
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