Medical instruments

    Programmable logic archieves better performances at lower cost

    ASIC improves adaptability to patients needs

    Microcontroller technology improves functionality and competitiveness of nerve stimulation and monitoring system

    Advanced functions and reduced maufacturing costs

    ASIC technology allows doubling of market share

A gas controlled incubator

    Sales up 20% using a microcomputer

Cosmetics and microelectronics

    Skin Measurements Enhanced

ASIC based portable infusion pump controller provides safety for the patients

ASIC achieves high safety, lower power consumption and simple user interface

Reliability enhancement of artificial Kidney machine using an ASIC

ASIC based artificial Kidney machine with increased reliability and safety for the patient's life

Development of an advanced compact medical urodynamic instrument

Microcontroller technology allows 25% company growth per annum

>Smart Pressure Relief 'Nightingale' Bed

Improved patient care and reduced pressure sore risks through microelectronics

>Controller- and Pre-processor- Digital ASIC for CCD-Sensors

Used in a new generation of Star Sensors for space applications

>Electronic Interface for EMF Keyboards

Custom Mixed Signal ASIC for ruggedised EMF Keyboard

>Baby Monitoring System VitaGuard® VG3000

Mixed-signal ASIC with pay-back period of one year

>Advanced hearing aids with Audio ASIC

Adopting ASIC technology manufacturing costs is reduced by a factor of two

>Microsystem X-ray detector

Multiparameter X-ray detector allows 30% increase in company profitability

>Monitor for dental furnaces

FPGA development to drive either the HERCULES or the VGA monitors for dental furnaces without any software modifications for the migration from the HERCULES to the VGA resolution.

>Advanced multifunctional FIR filter device

Small digital ASIC replaces huge analogue board



Advanced functions and reduced manufacturing costs

>Gluco Spot

SMT allows realising a pocket diagnostic instrument saving costs up to 75%

>Cosmetics and microelectronics

Skin elasticity measurements enhanced

Smart Sensor for Angular Position Detection

Replace micromechanics with microsystem to increase reliability and productivity

SMT and FPGA achieve Biomedical Freezer Controller

cost reduction Significant cost reduction achieved through integration with SMT and FPGA

Interferential Therapy Unit

Move to microcontroller increases functionality and flexibility

Microsystems (Microfluidic) Technology

Reduces sample and Reagent Size Requirements Dramatically

Blood Glucose Analysis

Microsystem Technology for Decentralised Glucose Analysis Based on reusable biosensors

Aneorid Sphygmomanometer

Microsystem Technology Adds Significant Value To The Measurement of Pressures

Screening and Examination Digital Audiometer

    Microcontroller technology halts sales decline

A New Small Animal Ventilator

    Microcontroller is key to versatile veterinary ventilator instrument

Multi-usable temperature controller

    Mixed Signal ASIC technology permits automatic calibration and a cost reduction of 45%

An Analogue ASIC for Laser Systems Control

Cost Reduction Based on Analogue ASIC

Improved Blood Flow Monitor ASIC Technology

Improves Performance at Lower Cost

A DSP Based Alarm for the Deaf and Blind

Microelectronics Simplifies the Design of the 'Silent Alert' Pager

ASIC Device Reduces Product Cost and Enhances Product Performance
Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
Microcontroller Provides Improved Performance
Mixed Signal ASIC achieves a 90% cost reduction and improved performance
Microsystem Technology Results in Smaller and Lower Cost Sensing Solution

Water Purity Measurement System

Microsystems technology reduces sensor cost

Sales Growth of 3,000% from Adoption of Microsystems Technology
Microcontroller Technology reduces Costs and increases Profits and Sales
A Drug Screening Instrument

Microcontroller Technology Automates Visual Inspection System

Modular approach and microcontroller technology reduce costs and increase reliability in the Electric aesthetic applications