Microcontroller-based Multifunction Electro-stimulation SYStem
Modular approach and microcontroller technology reduce costs and increase reliability in the Electric aesthetic applications
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    331 Medical and surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances

VIP s.r.l., a 14 employees company, operates in the field of aesthetic devices since 1970. Its main field of interest is the design and distribution of electric-aesthetic appliances, as muscular stimulators, directed to professional users. Our company manufactures and distributes electric aesthetic devices addressed to professional users. It has a good knowledge of the kind of equipment requested by the market, joined to a great experience on the effect of electric stimulation on human body. We have some experience with the design of analog circuits, but up to now the design process of new appliances has been performed in strict collaboration with external consultants. Our products are still sold all over the world, but once more due to marketing strategies.

The company exports world wide to resellers with particular concern to Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Portugal , Russia. Besides the company exploits and favors a franchising scheme.

Our portfolio includes different kinds of electric neuromuscular stimulators, photo therapy equipment, and dedicated machines for some special aesthetic treatment like peeling and hair removal.

As stated above, all our equipment were based on analogue electronic circuits.

The AE allowed the design of an advanced electronic neuro-muscular stimulator to integrate three different products of the First User into a single equipment and to packge , them in several different combinations without any functionality loss, and with better satisfaction of customers requirements. The first use of microcontroller and SMT technologies provides the new product with the following advantages:

  • Introduction of an LCD visualisation and a smart card reader, which provides our customers with new features and a better looking for our stimulator, an issue quite important in our particular market
  • Reduced technical assistance costs, both from the point of view of personnel training as for spare parts warehouse reduction. Moreover, self test features of the new device allow self test and self diagnosis of the equipment itself.
  • Production cost fall due to the merging of the market share of three different appliances.
  • Customers training time reduction, by mean of an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Increased flexibility, through software customization and strong defense against intrusion and reverse engineering
  • Reduced time to market for new similar appliances, obtained using a modular approach for the design of the target of the AE.

The AE duration was 9 month, for a total funding of 57.25 kEUR.

Expected break-even time is about 6 months, return on FUSE investment can be estimated more than 15 times in 5 years and more than 5 times considering the global investment.


VIP s.r.l.,
C.so Moncenisio 28,
10090 Rosta (TO) - Italy

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