Improved physiotherapy system

Programmable logic archieves better performances at lower cost


J&S is an Italian company , with 5 employees, that designs and produces medical equipment SW & HW design for external customers

The fisiocomputer line of equipment for physical therapy (electro-therapy, laser-therapy, magneto-therapy and ultrasound-therapy), that has been in production for over six years has to be redesigned in order to introduce new and more complex capabilities, improve the functionality and ergonomics, and lower the production costs. At the time of the project start, the experience of the J&S S.R.L in the field of Electronics was based on the use of components (chip, integrated circuit) available on the electronic consumer market. The solution to the product upgrade problem was found out with the help of TTN (Consorzio Roma Ricerche) that suggested the use of the FPGA technology in substitution of all the discrete logic circuitry. Moreover the use of the VHDL methodology simplified the design phase.

The new technology allowed a better performance/cost ratio with a consequent sales increase coupled with higher product profitability. It has also to be underlined that four fisiocomputer models share the same electronics and have a common digital control unit increasing the return of the investment.

The project duration of Application Experiment was 10 months , with funding of 57KECU. The pay back period is about 36 months.

The AE is of interest for companies that work in medical instruments sector and in the health area .