ASIC based portable infusion pump controller provides safety for the patients
ASIC achieves high safety, lower power consumption and simple user interface
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    331 Medical & Surgical equipment and Orthopaedic appliances
    332 Instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing etc.

Micrel Medical Devices Ltd. designs and manufactures portable infusion pumps for medical use since 1981. The company’s current product range consists of both syringe driving pumps and peristaltic ones. They are used in pain control, cancer chemotherapy, antibiotic infusions, etc. These products have to be low powered (battery power supply) and at the same time extremely safe from any possible hazard, that is called a first fault. A third constraint is the need for small size (portable devices). Prior to FUSE project, standard CMOS logic in SMD packages was used in one actual product line, and dual microprocessor safe architecture was used in a second line. They both had limitations, the first because of lack of features, the second in power consumption and size. The objective of this FUSE Application Experiment (AE) was to develop an ASIC for the syringe type infusion pump, in order to perform all the necessary control and fault handling needed for a correct operation of the pump, while at the same time produce a compact low power portable device. This AE had offered MICREL the basic know-how into the appropriate CAD tools and ASIC design methodology based on VHDL approach, that will drive the company’s future products. A new line is being developed with the ASIC built, with great International sales potential, i.e. return on investment. The payback period is estimated to be two years while the lifetime of the product before renovation will be more than 10 years. The ROI over the lifetime of the product is estimated to be at least 10. This AE assisted the company to attract as marketing partner ALARIS, the biggest manufacturer of infusion pumps in the world. ALARIS is now marketing MICREL’s pumps under its own name. The cost of the AE was 91 KECUs and it was completed in 21 months. MICREL will continue next ASIC steps for the upgrade of their complete product range based on its own funding.

Target audience concerns companies which produce safety critical products that have to be improved in order to become safer and stay competitive in the market. Special emphasis should be given to companies specialising in medical and surgical equipment as well as to companies specialising in instruments and appliances for measuring, checking and testing.


    Micrel Medical Devices Ltd.
    Ithakis 4
    Pallini 15344
    Athens Greece

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