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Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    323 Electronic components and Tele, Audio and Video Equipment
The main activity of the Italian Company ITELCO s.r.l. (150 employees, turnover 4000 KEUR) is the design manufacture and the test of TV and radio broadcasting equipment (Industrial sector: Electronic components and Tele, Audio and Video Equipment; PRODCOM code: 3230). Since 1961 ITELCO has installed more than 5000 items of equipment in over 60 different countries. Its equipment is approved by several national broadcasting organisations such as RAI Italy, Telecom-Germany, PTT- Switzerland, Telecom-Poland, Sweden and Finland Broadcasting Corporation and the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). On the 30th August 1996 ITELCO got the UNI EN ISO 9001 compliance certification issued by CSQ, the Italian body responsible for quality systems. Thanks to the experience gained from installing its products all over the world ITELCO has acquired extensive knowledge in all branches of broadcasting transmission, from Radio Frequency design to broadcasting station maintenance. With this AE the company intends to introduce the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for the development of a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Modulator. This aims at upgrading the existing modulator -at present implemented with discrete (and analogue) logic- and allows Itelco to maintain and raise its market position, since the whole industry sector is moving to digital rather than analogue transmission. Moreover the new modulator will be compliant with the new European ETSI standard for digital broadcasting transmission. The new technology will ensure the following advantages: - High flexibility during design - Reduced dimensions of the board - High market availability - Inbuilt cost improvement due to reducing FPGA costs. The experiment duration was 10 months with a budget of 52KECU. The estimated return on investment is 1000%. over the product life 00 of 4 years. (an incremental profit of about 532 KECU). The foreseen payback period is about six months. A very short "time to market" was the primary motivation that led to the choice of FPGA technology since an instantaneous response can be made to product change requirements. The A.E. is of interest to every company that works in the telecommunications area and those of similar characteristics to Itelco who need to exploit digital technology or increase level of integration. Keywords and Signature: Keywords: FPGA, Radio broadcasting equipment, ETSI standard, DVB Modulator, Transmitter, Time to market
Itelco S.p.A.
Loc. Sferracavallo 19/A
05019 Orvieto (TR) Italy

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