Communication equipment

Mixed ASIC based redesign, reduces production cost more than 12%

An ASIC for a fiber optic video and talk set

ASIC contributes to sales increase of 15% per year

A PCM matrix interface

ASIC contribution to company's prestige for low quantities

JPEG processor for wireless image transmission modem

ASIC technology achieved 30% increase (for the first year) in wireless modem sales

Electronic Interface for EMF Keyboards

Custom Mixed Signal ASIC for ruggedised EMF Keyboard

Medium Power Monolithic Amplifier For Road To Vehicle Transmitter

Gallium Arsenide improves performance to cost ratio of high speed communication link.

An improved Data/Voice Communication Switching (DVCS)

New DSP-based Front-End for DVCS system improves market share

Speaking machine for multi-access telecommunication equipment

Integration with FPGA reduces testing costs, while greatly enhancing performance

MCM development allows payback period of 19 months and ROI of 257% over 4 years

MCM development allows saving of NRE of 50 kEuro, a cost saving of 4 kEuro per unit, and saving of 18 kEuro per satellite launch

ASIC Reduces Manufacturing Cost Of Spread Spectrum Analyser For PABX

Integration of common PABX functions in an ASIC reduces manufacturing costs

Call Accounting

Embedded Micro Digital ASIC gives competitive product cost

Mixed Signal ASIC for Tape Drive

New ASIC gives cost reduction and new functionality in tape streamer

FPGA based Digital Mobile Radio Processor

Realises radio systems for national coverage

MCM development allows payback period of 3 years and ROI of 337% over 5 years

Save mass and costs in your space equipment with our DC/DC convertor for high-rel applications

41GHz MCM Based Transmitter

A Multi Channel Video Broadcasting to approach a new market

Gas Sensor ASIC

Adopting ASIC technology manufacturing costs is reduced by a factor of two

Digital Modulation for Radio Modem

    Digital Signal Processing improves transmission speed

Magnetoresistive Current Sensor

Mixed Signal ASIC doubles Turnover in one Year

2,4GHZ Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Microstrip Radio Design

High performance with low bill of material

A DSP Based Alarm for the Deaf and Blind

Microelectronics Simplifies the Design of the 'Silent Alert' Pager

Microcontroller Provides Improved Performance
ASIC and Microcontroller Technology Lead to 25% Cost Reduction