2,4GHZ Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Microstrip Radio Design
High performance with low bill of material
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Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    322 Telegraph and telephone apparatus and television and radio receivers
    323 Telegraph and telephone apparatus and television and radio receivers
We, Ingenieursbureau SysCom bv, have developed a spread spectrum 2.4GHz frequency hopping radio module to integrate within our wireless Interactive Voting System. Ingenieursbureau SysCom bv its business can be divided into independent consulting respective engineering in microelectronics based solutions and design, production, sales and marketing of SysComs own Interactive Voting System IVSŪ. The consulting and engineering expertise covers subjects such as intelligent man-machine interfaces, ultra reliable computer configurations, control units for building control and voting systems. There is design expertise for analogue and digital, CAD for SMT PCB, embedded software, PLC software and PC software.

Our IVSŪ system is used as presentation support system to obtain interactions with the attendants by giving them the possibilities to ask their opinion and get this presented immediate on the presentation screen. A 2.4 GHz version is needed to have an interactive voting system with approval for Japan and the US. Frequency hopping improves security of the system, e.g. against external jamming. Using microstrip design technologies offers lowest possible BOM( Bill of materials), mechanical fit, power consumption fit and a data transmission technique optimised for the type of data. Microstrip technology was completely new to SysCom and its first application for a product development required external training and support. The opportunity to contact other persons working on this special technology has been facilitated through the participation in FUSE. Before we started this application experiment we had experience in designing RF amplifiers using lumped elements. This technique can not be used anymore at frequencies of 2.4GHz. Designing a radio module at 2.4GHz using microstrip technologies looks like an art when you see the microstrip amplifiers and other microwave circuitry at the first time Photo 1 shows a 2.4GHz low noise amplifier.

With help from Satelliet Televisie Nederland bv, a company with microwave design experience, investment in training, investment in microwave Test & Measurement equipment and support by FUSE we have accomplished the design of a 2.4GHz radio development board. The Application Experiment took 15 month and the prototype development costs were 59kECU. We expect a payback period of 18 month and a return on investment of 250% for a minimum product life time of 5 years.

This board forms the basis for further product development related to mechanical dimensions, cosmetic outlook, software design and power management design and therefore the basis for our new generation wireless interactive voting system. Some example markets for our products are product marketing departments and training institutes whose effectiveness depends on the interaction with the attendees of a presentation.

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