Medium Power Monolithic Amplifier For Road To Vehicle Transmitter
Gallium Arsenide improves performance to cost ratio of high speed communication link.
Technologies used

    Monolithic Gallium Arsenide

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    322 Communication Equipment
    321 Electronic Components

Micrel is an Italian company that designs and produces components and subsystem devices for telecommunication . The company has 22 employees, 4 are involved in electronic system design .

Intent of the project was the implementation of a GaAs medium power amplifier (MPA) single chip to be used in the new generation of ground station transceiver for Road-Vehicle communication data link. GaAs medium power amplifier in monolithic form will replace the old discrete components. The new technology will ensure increased security and reliability of the data exchange to mobile vehicles (in the range of some tens of metres) by using microwave carrier and digital modulations. Moreover it allowed to increase the product performance and to reduce its cost.

The presented one is the only solution to address large volume production market with a competitive price strategy. The new product will open to the company the promising market of the service areas (application to automatic debiting systems, city downtown entrance control...)

The experiment had a duration of 24 months and a budget of 119KECU. The anticipated pay-back period is less than 2 years.

The new MPA presents performance improvements due to higher output power (+1 dBm) , better ON/OFF ratio (+ 6 dB), wide bandwidth (5,7-6,1 Ghz) and higher reliability.

Assembling and testing operations are reduced by the replacement of many discrete components with a single monolithic module, with a process yield improvement and a cost reduction of about 250 ECU for each transmitter module in a mass production.

At the end of the AE , beyond the developed module and its commercial benefits, the company has acquired new design skills and management experiences. These additional benefits encompass the non linear design techniques, now applied in many other developments, and the capabilities of issuing proper technical specifications and interacting with consultants and external services.

The Targeted Industries belong to industrial sector of electronic components and subsystems in the telecommunication field.


    Alenia Difesa - Divisione Sistemi Avionici ed Equipaggiamenti
    Unità Officine Galileo
    Via Einstein, 35
    I - 50013 Campi Bisenzio FI

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