Microelectronics and IEE regulations

ASIC based bus system for a new generation of computerised level crossing systems

ASIC technology allowed 30% cost reduction and improves security on railway crossing systems

An ASIC-based power supply measurement and monitoring system

ASIC technology achieves 48 %cost reduction

Application of microcontroller to wind turbine system

Inverter control system for ac to dc converter

An insect trap microsystem

Microcontroller technology enables revolutionary fly trap design

An intelligent security post

    Integration of microcontroller technology enables inclusion of several features into security post

An improved road traffic bollard

Microcontroller technology enables innovative road side sign development

Mixed signal ASIC for Bank Security

Reduces production cost by 20%

The intelligent lamp for low cost automation

Using digital gate array technology

Micro Controller in Washing Machines in Laundromats

Leads to a reduction in manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs

High performance voltage stabiliser

ASIC and Microcontroller technology lead to 25% cost reduction

Security box

The use of a 16-bit microprocessor coupled with a contactless programmable smart card to fit the new money transport legislation's requests

DCB Technology for production of voltage regulators in motorcycle applications

A chip on board solution to regain competitivness

Mixed-signal ASIC for Drive Control

ASIC achieves cost reduction of 15-50%

Interface Device For PLC Signal Modules

Gate-Array-ASIC achieves a cost saving up to 30%.

An ASIC for power systems

Mixed signal ASIC offers increased reliability, cost reduction, smaller PCB size and reduced assembly time for UPS and stabilisers power systems

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Size and weight reduction with MCM-technology for Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Design of a Doppler Water Current Meter employing FPGA's

Reduced production costs and power consumption open new market opportunities for water flow velocity sensors




ASIC Technology Enables 25% Motor Control Cost Reduction.

Digital Motor Speed Controller

Threefold sales Increase Through the Adoption of Microcontrollers

Microcontroller controlled Marine Lantern

Use of microcontroller improves flexibility and increases functionality

Burglary Detection

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) improves accuracy and reliability of intruder detection

Profibus control module

ASIC Gate Array reduces cost and guarantees supply


ASIC technology improves functionality and reliability

Cost saving of 40% achieved through use of FPGA in LED Video Display

FPGA and ASIC application for information systems and large video displays

Fluorescent Lamo Driver

Mixed signal ASIC as controller for fluorescent lamps with reduced costs, increased luminance efficiency, load-adaptive power control and EMI reduction

Catering Kitchen Range with Induction Generator

Microcontroller reduces costs by 25%

Solid-state data-logger

Pipeline inspection vehicle tracking using microcontroller technology

Switched output temperature sensor

Microcontroller technology opens up new market opportunities

A microcontroller compensated dew-point analyser

New technology enables major product features extension

FPGA Technology Reduces Controller Cost by 35%
Marine Propeller Shaft Power Meter

Microcontroller Technology Reduces Cost and Improves Performance

Intelligent weather monitoring system

'Smart' weather sensors communicate using microcontroller technology

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
A Food Mixer with Microcontroller Improvement

New technology enables major product features extension

A Tamper Detection Security Device System

Microelectronics Enables Product Innovation

It allows better performances, cost reduction by 60% and an increased market share


Sales Growth of 3,000% from Adoption of Microsystems Technology
Improved Reliability and Feature Enhancements Provide New Market Opportunities


Microcontroller technology provides improved performance in Central Heating Control
An improved Voltage Stabilizer System

Microcontroller technology provides improved performance in heavier loads

Advanced Microcontroller System For Dpeed And Torque Electronic Control Of Hand-Held Drills ANd Drives

Microcontroller technology improves functionality and reliability

Self-diagnostics on Emergency Lamps by microcontroller use

Increased profits for the company by doubling quantity sold

DSP technology in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)

The product turnover is increased 7 times in three years

The use of digital technology allows 20% of selling price leveraging and 23% production cost saving