Microcontroller based Uninterrupted-Power-Supply
The use of digital technology allows 20% of selling price leveraging and 23% production cost saving
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    31 Electricity distribution and control apparatus
    30 Computers and other information processing equipment

Seleta is a small company which designs, manufactures and maintains Power Supplies and Uninterrupted Power Supplies of various characteristics and applications. Due to its manufacturing capabilities, the company assembles also personal computers, servers, workstations and SIMMs. It provides PCB manufacturing services, both in traditional and SMD technologies, under customers' design and specifications.

The company employees 15 people, 8 of which are involved in electronics. The annual turnover is 1.65 MEuro. Its main industrial sectors are: 31: Electrical and 30: office machinery , computers.

For the product subject of the experiment, Seleta delivers mainly to the South Italian market where it holds about 2% of the total, while in Northern Italy and Europe SELETA position is completely marginal.

The actual analog UPS is not any more competitive, because the global performances do not match anymore with the market demand (a PC remote control of the UPS) and competitors have digital solutions. Therefore the image of a 'digital' or 'microcontroller-based' UPS is a mandatory for the marketing to re-launch the sales.

The purpose of the AE has been the design of a new digital UPS with a PC remote control, allowing production costs reduction, leveraging of the selling price and a market share increase for the company.

The main results of the experiment have been therefore:

  • Technical: to acquire digital design competencies and to use such knowledge to develop new, more performant, control circuitries;
  • Economical: an increase of 70% of the FU market share is forecasted. A saving of 23% on the production cost, an increase of the selling price from 0.45 to 0.55 EUR/W.

The AE costs has been of 36.4 KEuro, with a 8 months duration. The payback period is of about 6 months, with a ROI of 550%.

Additional benefits achieved through this experiment have been:

  • acquiring of technical project management capabilities;
  • personnel skills improving from pure analog to microcontroller based solutions;
  • possibility of re-using the same techniques for the new SELETA product lines such as the on-line UPS, which represents the most challenging product of the company to be launched.
SELETA (Società Elettronica Tecnologie Avanzate)
Zona Industriale Isca Pantanelle
I - 85050 Sant'Angelo le Fratte (PZ)

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