Technologies used

 Multi Chip Module (MCM)

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    31 Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles
    35 Motorcycles and bicycles
The company IDM S.r.l. (Italy), with 45 persons of which 3 are electronic engineer, is specialised in the designing, manufacturing and selling of electronic ignition systems for a wide range of endothermic engines like those used for motorcycles, stationary machines, gardening and agriculture vehicles. IDM S.r.l. also manufactures several kinds of voltage regulators mainly for the motorcycles market. These kind of regulators are used to provide a constant voltage on the AC loads of the motorcycles, e.g. head, meter and tail lamps and, at the same time, to charge correctly their battery, assuring it conditions for a long operation life. The regulator we are currently manufacturing for scooters uses a traditional PCB substrate where two SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) in the TO220 case and several through hole components are mounted. In particular the two SCRs preclude us from reducing the size of the regulator and further on they are the critical elements of the product because during their working life, due to thermal shocks, they may de-solder and fail. In this AE the new component is an high dissipation COB (Chip On Board, MCM) where bare SCR dice are assembled onto a DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) ceramic substrate through a soft solder process of die attach. This will assure a very high thermal conductivity with a very low TCE (Thermal Coefficient of Expansion). The main benefits of the new product are reduced production costs (about 28%), reduced component dimensions (overall volume is the 25% in less as regards the old product and the weight is 45% respect the old product) and increased reliability. On the other side the company needs to learn this technology to achieve industrial competitiveness in the European and extra-European markets, since Japanese and Far East competitors, who have been using similar technologies for more than 10 years, can force market demand to change from day to day by simply reducing the size of the case or the plastic connector. Thanks to this AE, IDM invested heavily to have internal assembly DCB and will allow us to introduce this new technology in several products of ours decreasing the payback period and increasing our global market share

The estimated ROI is 1009% over a 5 year period and will paid back in 19 months. The total cost of the application experiment was planned in 90,5 kECU. It started in September 1997 and was ended in June 1998 (10 months).
IDM S.r.l.
Via Feltrina Sud, 28
31030 - Biadene (Treviso)

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