Office machinery, computers

    Innovative technology strengthens competitive position in smart card readers

Powerful PC cards

    Manufacturing time and costs reduced by 40% using FPGA

Microprocessor emulator

FPGAs key to innovative, leading edge emulator design

Microprocessor controlled Pig Feeding System

    Field bus and SMD technology reduce wiring effort by more than 90%

Prototype of a contactless transponder chip card employing flip-chip technology

Bar die technology allowed 60% cost reduction on transponder cards

FPGA for high precision lenght measurement using standard PCs

Increase in performance and flexibility using FPGA technology to control inductive coupling of sensors

Latest technology for automatic board testing of video disk recorder, IEEE 1149.1

JTAG Boundary Scan reduces test and repair costs to less than 20%

JPEG processor for wireless image transmission modem

ASIC technology achieved 30% increase (for the first year) in wireless modem sales

Mixed signal ASIC for Bank Security

Reduces production cost by 20%

Boundary Scan Controller

Chip on Board (COB) enables size reduction of 80%

An ASIC for wireless RF mouse

Mixed signal ASIC achieves low-cost, low-power, rechargeable wireless product

PDP11 Single Board Computer

50% performance improvement using a digital ASIC

Multiswitch for Satellite and TV Receiver

Mixed signal ASIC improves TV receiver switch cost and performance

Microcontroller application for time registration and access control systems

Results in improved features and lowers manufacturing costs by 20%

Error detection and correction unit

Application of FPGA technology guarantees highest data security

Keylock - 2

An Electronic Key for Software Protection is improved by FPGA technology allowing new

ASIC-based electronic publishing product

A digital ASIC performing "on the fly" decompression of data for image setters

An ASIC for fax/modem devices

Mixed signal ASIC achieves 16% lower cost, lowe power dissipation for voice/fax/data modems

Monitor for dental furnaces

FPGA development to drive either the HERCULES or the VGA monitors for dental furnaces without any software modifications for the migration from the HERCULES to the VGA resolution.

Microcontroller terminal for time keeping

High Tech portable Time keeping unit allows work-time control of difficult to access workplaces while increasing domestic share and enabling penetration into EU market


Braille terminal

FPGA enhances reliability and reduces cost

Multi Chip Module for General Purpose Interface

MCM Technology achieves a cost reduction of 52%

Improved Blood Flow Monitor ASIC Technology

Improves Performance at Lower Cost

FPGA Technology Reduces Controller Cost by 35%
A DSP Based Alarm for the Deaf and Blind

Microelectronics Simplifies the Design of the 'Silent Alert' Pager

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
The use of digital technology allows 20% of selling price leveraging and 23% production cost saving

High Security e-Payment Terminal

Up to 50% size reduction using an MCM

Improved Data Logging System

Frequency and Time Interval Measurement Using FPGA Technology