Multi Chip Module for General Purpose Interface
MCM Technology achieves a cost reduction of 52%
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    331 Office Machinery
The First User BBT Printtechnology A/S (BBT) develops integrated electronic hardware, software and mechanical solutions for thermal printers. The products are developed primarily for companies in the industrial sector Machinery (PRODCOM code 29), Electronic Components (code 32) and Precision Instruments (code 33). Applications are mainly portable equipment where size, weight and power consumption is key factors. Hence, knowledge of a broad palette of technologies is essential for the successful development of products in the company. Most products are OEM products. High volume production of electronics is submitted to subcontractor.

BBT has done embedded PC or microprocessor solutions involving both hardware and software for real-time applications. All software is developed according to structured analysis and design methods, and implemented in many different languages ranging from assembly language for RISC processors to high level PC programming. The existing BBT portfolio includes the following technologies; PLD, FPGA, microprocessors, Digital ASIC, Flexible PCB and SMT mounting. BBT Printtechnology A/S has experience in digital signal processing (DSP) including both hardware and software solutions. The first user has developed its event driven real-time kernel for implementation on DSP processors. The hardware solutions have however so far been based on standard components.

FPGAs are designed using schematic capture; VHDL or Verilog hardware description languages on standard PC based products. Furthermore, BBT Printtechnology A/S has designed numerous hardware circuits including switch mode power supply and mechanic actuator controls. The hardware is designed and manufactured using EMC/EMI compliant techniques.

The chosen technology for the improvement of the thermal printer electronics was Multi Chip Module (MCM) mounted on a flexible PCB substrate with in 0.2-mm traces.

The main objective for project was firstly to improve product in terms of size and weight, secondly to improve reliability and production costs. The planned duration of project was 12 months, while the actual use was 17 months. The total cost of the product improvement has been 121 k€. Industrialisation of the product will require further 32 k€.

The Economic benefits of this AE to the FU will be a reduction in production costs of 50%. The return of investment over a 5-year period is 4625%. The payback period has been calculated to 3 months.

Our market survey has shown that the market potential for our MCM is around 800.000 units per year.
BBT Printtechnology A/S
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