An ASIC for fax/modem devices
Mixed signal ASIC achieves 16% lower cost, lowe power dissipation for voice/fax/data modems
Technologies used

 Mixed signal ASIC

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    30 Computers and other information processing equipment
    332 Television and telephone apparatus and equipment
CRYPTO S.A. is engaged in the design, production and marketing of a full range of voice/fax/data modems since 1984. It designs and manufactures modems and has a full range of products for the data telecommunication needs of the national and international market.
The objective of the FUSE AE was to develop a Data Access Arrangement (DAA) ASIC which interfaces the modem data pump voiceband analog signals with the external phone line. This totally solid state new technology replaces line transformers and electromechanical relays, providing a full featured DAA, for all types of voice/fax/data modems and it is compatible with PTT homologation requirements in any country of the world.
In the previous modem product line, the DAA was being implemented using standard components on a PCB. The new line of modems achieved an average 16% cost reduction compared to the older version and assisted the company to booth its business expecting its sales to raise up to 70.000 pieces until 2003 while with the older version the sales couldn’t pass 23.000 pieces for the same period. In case that a customer of our company is interested only for the new DAA part and not for the whole fax/modem product (i.e. fax/modem manufacturers), Crypto can offer a module DAA component based on the two ASIC chipset. All the DAA functionality is included in this single module component which can be inserted as a single component, during modem assembly, to the modem main PCB. Discussions are already in progress with far east fax/modem manufacturers that they are interested for this new DAA module.
The main lesson that we acquired from this AE is that giving a proper amount of effort at the start, in the extraction of detailed specifications and in design and simulation phase, is essential in an ASIC development project.
The AE duration was 18 months. Taking into account the effort of 526 person days and the project’s cost of 119 KEuros, the payback period is estimated at about 38 months and FUSE ROI at 185% for the entire 4-year period of the products lifetime. The total industrialization cost is approximately 219 KECU.
CRYPTO Informatics S.A.
V. Ipirou 45
15125 Marousi, Athens,

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