Powerful PC cards
Manufacturing time and costs reduced by 40% using FPGA
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    30 Computers and other information processing equipment

BEDE Technology Ltd is a small U.K. manufacturer of Data Acquisition & Control Cards for PC compatible computers. These products are printed circuit boards which plug into the ISA bus of PC compatibles and are used to interface computers with external devices such as sensors and actuators. The current range of PC cards is widely used in process control and monitoring systems.

This experiment, with a budget of 40kECUs and seven months duration (September 1996-March 1997), was to apply FPGA technology and VHDL design techniques to improve the current range of PC based data acquisition cards. A prototype multifunction card was successfully designed, manufactured and tested. This prototype consisted of an ISA bus PCB with a FPGA to implement the digital logic and an add-on daughter board to perform the analogue interface.

A top-down VHDL design methodology was adopted throughout as this gave the greatest design flexibility, provided vendor independence and the ability to migrate to ASIC technology if required at a later date. It also reduced the development time and costs with a payback secured within 10 months of the project completion and ROI expected to be minimum of 5-fold.


    48 Cuthbert Court
    BEDE Industrial Estate
    Tyne and Wear
    NE32 3EG
    United Kingdom

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