Integration of microcontroller technology enables inclusion of several features into security post

Microelectronics and cooking

The control of cooker hoods using microelectronics

    Sales up 20% using a microcomputer

    Field bus and SMD technology reduce wiring effort by more than 90%

Smart water usage control system

Microcontroller technology enables improvement of performances of occupancy sensors

    Programmable logic achieves a cost saving of 20%

Microprocessor improve multigas control in order to fulfil EC regulations

Infra-red paint curing

    Microcontroller reduce the cost of drying paint

An FPGA device for guns fire rate control

    How to increase sales by reducing the rate of fire

Domestic cooker control

    Microcontroller improves performance of domestic cookers

FPGA used to improve the display for a racing car dashboard

...and double the profit margin

The intelligent lamp for low cost automation

Using digital gate array technology

Micro Controller in Washing Machines in Laundromats

Leads to a reduction in manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs

FPGA controls stepping motor for synchronisation of motor axes

With a cost reduction of 34%

ASIC for Data Acquisition and Protocol Transfer

ASIC to permit simple remote transfer of data in a hazardous environment.

Safe and Flexible Electronic Control for Industrial and Domestic Burners

Microprocessor for control of gas burner

Micro Controlled Steered Fans

More heat and comfort with micro controlled steered fans

Stacking Vehicle Control System

Microcontrollers replace PLCs to increase reliability and competitiveness in stacking vehicles market

Electronic control for pneumatic manipulator

Microcontroller control for improvement of heavy load handling in large machinery assembly factories.

Advanced electronic thermostat

Microcontroller with Fuzzy Logic for thermal control of electrical white goods.

Development of electronic weighing equipment

Microprocessor improves performance of large object weighing machine.

Battery charger uses power hybrid technology on Insulated metal substrate

IMS reduces component costs by 43% and manufacturing costs by 55%

An ASIC-based control unit for window type air conditioners

ASIC technology achieves cost saving of 10%

Mounting technology upgrade to SMT for an elevator control computer

Surface Mount Technology allows reduced production cost and product size

Digital Fan Coil Thermo-Controller

Performance and cost of an analogue industrial thermal control unit are improved with CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Device

Full Digital Vector-Controlled Inverter

Application of Microcontroller technology to increase competitiveness of automation products targeted to paper machinery manufacturers

Foam Sensing and Control System

Microcontroller used to improve performance in a Foam Sensing and Control System

FPGA based system for multi-axes servo controllers

FPGA replaces standard logic allowing increase of performance, boardsize reduction and cost savings

High voltage power supply for dust collector

Microcontroller improves cost and performance

Frequency-Controller-board adaptation to SMD

SMD increases functional density by 20%

Single chip inverter controller mixed signal ASIC

New frequency inverter with a cost reduction of 30%

User friendly Line protection

Relay using FPGA Simpler interface and a 10:1 mechanical size reduction achieved by new technology

Mixed Signal ASIC for Valve Bus

The new system reduces costs by about 25 % compared to the existing product.

Automatic Spray and Re-seed Machine

More and better pasture using DSP

Smart Vibratory Feeder

Improved performance using a vibration sensor

Intelligent Sawing Machine

Mechanical gear shift replaced by custom Programmable Logical Controller and Variable Frequency Inverter for safer and more competitive woodworking machine

Temperature Regulator for Ovens

Microelectronics applied to cooking saves both money and power

Microcontroller Improves Flexibility And Reliability Of Evaporator Control System

Evaporator controller uses Microcontroller to Reduce Customisation Time

Mixed Signal ASIC in Gas Instantaneous Boiler Controller

15% cost reduction and improved safety are achieved with Mixed Signal ASIC in a Gas Instantaneous Boiler Controller


Pig Breeding

Microcontroller improves accuracy and customisation time of heating system


Microelectronic Control of Integrated Showers

Microcontroller opens US Luxury Shower Market

New regulator for proportional valve

The DSP gives a new heart to electric-hydraulic components







Performance and Quality Enhanced by Microcontroller Application

A Non Contacting System for Textile Fibre Measurement

Microcontroller and RF Technology provides a low-cost, accurate and flexible solution


ASIC Technology Enables 25% Motor Control Cost Reduction.


ASIC Technology Enables 25% Motor Control Cost Reduction.

Domestic Water Pump Controller

Microcontrollers Technology creates low-cost, easy to commission and use products

Jaquard Machine Control: Mixed Signal ASIC reduces costs and improves reliability and performance

Microcontrollers Technology creates low-cost, easy to commission and use products

SMT and FPGA achieve Biomedical Freezer Controller

cost reduction Significant cost reduction achieved through integration with SMT and FPGA

Microcontroller application for wood-based heating systems

New technologies contribute to environmental care

Electronic Control for Gas Boilers-Heaters

    ASIC technology improves performance and reduces pollutants

Sensorless variable speed control of AC drives

    ASIC technology reduces elevators costs

Multi-usable temperature controller

    Mixed Signal ASIC technology permits automatic calibration and a cost reduction of 45%

Electronics replaces electromechanical relays and wiring in make up burners control panels

Microprocessor technology used to get a new product with friendlier user interface saving 25% in manufacturing cost

Intelligent Autonomous Steam Trap System

Microcontroller and sensor to save steam energy

CNC Woodworking And Aluminium Working Machines.

Microcontroller and FPGA for control encoder improves the product and increases market share

Electronic Controlled Hot Water High Pressure Washers

User friendly Washers with improved functionality using PCB-based Control

Catering Kitchen Range with Induction Generator

Microcontroller reduces costs by 25%

    Microcontroller technology improves functionality and competitiveness of nerve stimulation and monitoring system

Microsystem Technology Results in Smaller and Lower Cost Sensing Solution
Improved Reliability and Feature Enhancements Provide New Market Opportunities


Smart Pressure Relief 'Nightingale' Bed

Improved patient care and reduced pressure sore risks through microelectronics

FPGA Technology Reduces Controller Cost by 35%
Marine Propeller Shaft Power Meter

Microcontroller Technology Reduces Cost and Improves Performance

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
Fermentation Control Equipment Using Microcontroller Technology

Microcontroller Enables Custom Feature Enhancement and Cost Reduction

CMOS ASIC Hydraulic Valve


A Model Train Shuttle

Microcontrollers Facilitate New Product Range

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
ASIC Device Reduces Product Cost and Enhances Product Performance
A Food Mixer with Microcontroller Improvement

New technology enables major product features extension

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
A Slate Block Sawing Machine

Microcontroller Technology Enables Major Productivity Gains

The Smart Anchor

    Microcontroller Enables Structure Stress Monitoring

An Improved Chromatography Temperature Controller

Microcontroller Technology Improves Competitiveness and Feature Count

Microcontroller Provides Improved Performance
Inflatable Marine Safety Equipment

Low Weight and Cost System Using Microcontroller Technology

A Tamper Detection Security Device System

Microelectronics Enables Product Innovation

Feature Enhancement Based on Microcontroller Technology
Microcontroller Technology Opens New Market Opportunity
An Intelligent Yarn Splicing Unit

Improved Performance And Doubling Of Sales With Microcontroller Technology

Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller
Microsystems for secured shotguns. Integration of microsystem doubles sales in 10 years
FPGA and microcontroller technologies improve performance and safety and reduce costs by 20%
Microcontroller technology improves efficiency, competitiveness and feature count
Microcontroller provides a return of 2,000%
Microcontroller technology strengtghens the market position

Electronic washing program controller for industrial dishwashing machines

Microcontroller provides a flexible and cost effective solution

Stones crushing machine

DSP technologies secure operation and predictive maintenance functions

Microprocessor technology achieves a reliable control system and 40% costs reduction
Electronic controlled Hedge trimmer head

Microcontroller technology allows automatic inclination angle adjustment, making it operator-independent and thus strengthening the company's market share

PCB and Microcontroller technologies improve functionality of slurry tankers
Mixed Signal ASIC technology enables to implement an efficient control for synchronous motors to be integrated into dishwashers motor pumps. The solution allows to cut the cost of the product materials more than 10%