Stones crushing machine
DSP technologies secure operation and predictive maintenance functions
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    29 Machinery

LARON S.A. is a specialised mechanical company producing crushing equipment for mining sector since 1.973. LARON is a medium size Spanish company with 49 employees and an annual turnover of 8.3 MEUR during 1.999.

The company is specialising in the design, manufacture, marketing and through life support of different types of stone crushers and crushing plants used in mines and quarries. The product improved during this AE is the company's Crusher Machine used to crush rocks and stones extracted from mines and quarries in order to obtain the aggregate used in mortars and asphalt elaboration. The objective of the Fuse AE was to implement microelectronic control for such crushing installations. Current machines are controlled using electro-mechanical devices. The aim of the project was to design a electronic control system using DSP technology. The DSP application controls operation sequence of the different electric motors and hydraulic cylinder incorporated in a crushing plant. But the most important functions of the DSP are those related with prevention of any obstruction at the crushing chamber and the preventive maintenance of the machine.

The developed control system monitors and controls the level of material at the crushing chamber, reducing material input rates (input conveyor speed) if a obstruction is detected. A vibration analysis technique has been implemented in order to detect any mechanical failure and prevent components breakdown. Finally, the new control system provides a user friendly interface and communication with a central control device.

The Application Experiment has been developed over 10,5 months at a cost of 60 KEUR to get a prototype (additional investment of app. 54 KEUR has been estimated to industrialise the developed prototype). The payback period is expected to occur within the first 2 years with a ROI of 375% over five years. We considers that both technical and training goals have been fulfilled and after the AE we are able to specify a DSP based control system to be included in the full range of our products and manage such type of new development projects.

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