Electronics replaces electromechanical relays and wiring in make up burners control panels
Microprocessor technology used to get a new product with friendlier user interface saving 25% in manufacturing cost
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    29 Furnaces and Furnaces Burners manufacturer
SIB SIBER S.r.l. is a small Italian company, founded in 1950 and nowadays employing 12 people, which produces industrial burners, ranging from high-speed burners for kilns to make-up burners. Make-up burners are gas (LPG, natural gas and biogas) burners to be used for direct combustion in hot/cold of clean or recycled air ducts.
This kind of burners is applicable in several industrial sectors like agricultural and food processing, bricks and ceramics manufacturing or amilire printing. According to the European NACE Standardised code to classify industrial companies, SIB SIBER can be classified within PRODCOM codes as 2921 - Furnaces and Furnaces Burners manufacturer.
SIB SIBER has always mainly dealt with the internal Italian market but since 1997, due to certain saturation within domestic market, SIB SIBER has been dealing directly the international market, signing contracts with agents in China, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.
Core business is on make-up burners that were the product object for this Application Experiment. The current make-up burners control panel uses only electromechanical components hard wired each other to carry out the desired functions.
A new electronic control unit based on microprocessor technology has been developed for this product having function to
Monitor the functioning of the system,
Signal the correct operating, warnings, alarms and malfunctions signals,
Remote the control signals.
An enormous simplification in the manufacturing process of the new electronic controlpanel has been achieved: a standard board replaced the currently used relays - from 4 to 18 relays differently hard-wired according to the type of burner. This meant the consequent reduction in product manufacturing costs.
Additional significant benefits were gained for the functionality of user interfacing of the device: the microprocessor introduction allowed developing a multilingual visual display that will attract not only more customers on the consolidated domestic market, but it will also allow the Company to enter new international market that are now its target.
Prototype electronic control panel has been developed and integrated into the new product with this AE experience, whose duration was of 7 months, with a cost of 37 KEURO (including cost of dissemination activity only related to FUSE project).
Additional 68 KEURO will be required to come to the market with the new industrialised product.

The Company investment for the electronic part only of the new make up burner of 32.2 KEURO is expected to be paid back in 2 months, with a ROI of 2059%. A more significant ROI figure is obtained for the whole Company investment to come to the final product on the market, which was of 661%.

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