Electronic services for refrigeration plants
Microcontroller technology strengtghens the market position
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Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    29 Non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment

Società Tecnica del Freddo (S.T.F.) is a firm that produces different sized refrigerating plants and other products for freezing, water refrigeration, etc.

S.T.F. has 9 employees, 2 of which have skills in the electrical field. The company addresess only the Sicilian local market, owning the 50% of share, with an annual turnover of about 1 MEUR.

The experience of the company mainly covers electro-mechanical and thermotechnical areas, while demanding to external consultant the design of the equipment control boards.

The old product was based on traditional PCBs, discrete devices and simple digital ICs, other than relays and control switches. The very poor performances of the existing controller prevented the company to compete with more sophisticated solutions in terms of cost and features offered by competitors.

By this AE S.T.F. intended to introduce the microcontroller technology in its products in order to improve controller performances, add new features for the remote management like autotest and remote control.

By the introduction of the microcontroller technology in the refrigerating plants, the company changed its market strategy from only selling stand-alone refrigerating plants, to the provision together with the sold plant of a full support service, allowed by the remote connection capabilities.

This put the company in the position to sensibly increase the selling price, taking into account of the added benefit which results to the customers. Consequentely, the company will reach good profits, even with a small volume production.

In addition, a strenghten of the market position against competitors is expected, since the new S.T.F. offer will result very attractive for the customers.

Considering the AE total cost of 57 KEUR, the payback period is 5 months, with a ROI of 1000% over three years.

Società Tecnica del freddo
Via dei Nebrodi 55
I - 90144 Palermo

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