User friendly Line protection Relay using FPGA
Simpler interface and a 10:1 mechanical size reduction achieved by new technology
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Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    29 Electric Domestic Appliances
Jacobsen Elektro AS is a manufacturer of HV (high voltage) and control equipment for the Power Industry. The company was established in 1891 and has been producing electrical equipment since 1913. Jacobsen Elektro decided to introduce new technology in order to improve the performance and appearance of a key product range: power system protection and control equipment. The company delivers to power utilities, power-consuming industries and offshore oil installations in Europe, Africa and Asia. The annual turnover of the company is 13 MEuro.

The primary rationale for the Application experiment was to update outdated products, as availability of components became problematic. Secondly, a reduction in production cost was necessary to compete in the market. Introduction of a user friendly setting method was anticipated to improve market shares. Thirdly, performance of the product was mandatory, due to new standards of EMI.

Outdated analogue products were to be replaced by modern digital solutions thus resulting in extremely user-friendly products, improved EMC performance, improved flexibility and high standardisation in the production process. The main technologies introduced were DSP and FPGA in addition to high resolution A/D and high-speed A/D conversion followed by digital filtering. The knowledge transfer has been very successful, and the obtained experience will certainly help to improve the quality and appeal of several planned future products.

Lesson learnt on dealing with subcontractors has given the first user a different and more operative view of such actions. During a previous project the need for competent and reliable subcontractors turned out to be critical. The lack of proper technological knowledge at the first user made the choice of subcontractors extremely difficult. This experience has had a major negative factor in estimating the duration of subcontracted tasks; thus a very conservative scheduling has been applied. However, this current project turned out with very positive lesson learnt. On this basis a recently initiated project is therefore reorganised, and attention particularly focused on the selection and supervision of subcontractors.

The physical size of the new Jacobsen Elektro product is reduced by a factor of 10.

Jacobsen Elektro learnt by means of this AE to deal with VHDL design and how to organise design projects in this field.

The AE project cost was 70.7 KEuro and lasted 7 months. The total investment for the new product has been 125 KEuro.

The Payback period is estimated to 16 months and the ROI of the FUSE investment is 925%.
Jacobsen Elektro as
Prestaker Industriområde, Hokksund

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FPGA technology provided Jacobsen Elektro as with the means of improving its products and enhancing its market position. You can also achieve significant benefits by acquiring the right microelectronics technology and utilising it in your product or manufacturing process. You can get help from FUSE to realise this.

FUSE is a technology transfer programme, funded by the European Commission to stimulate the wider use of microelectronics technologies by European enterprises to increase their competitiveness and enhance their economic growth. The demonstrator described here is one of many examples in the public FUSE portfolio covering the whole spectrum of microelectronics technologies and spanning a wide range of applications and industry sectors.

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