Micro Controller in Washing Machines in Laundromats
Leads to a reduction in manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs
Technologies used

    Micro Controller

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    29 Electric domestic appliances
    31 Other electric equipment
    333 Industrial Process Control

For more than 30 years Ets. Moutarde have been adapting programs for washing machines, laundry drying machines and ironers for laundromats. Before the start of the project, Moutarde did not have knowledge in programming electronic cards supplied by micro-controllers, nor in the development of electronics.

Ets. Moutarde improve washing machines purchased from large manufacturers by using relays, time switches, sprinklers and pressure reducers in order to obtain a more efficient result in keeping a constant warm water temperature. In the past, this was done with cam encoders

Thanks to the micro-controller and its environment, Ets. Moutarde can evolve their product to a modular system in order to improve the control of the wash-houses on different axis:

  • to offer a better quality of the linen by a precise control of the process;
  • to offer a better client service, remote maintenance at lesser cost;
  • to offer a greater confidence by replacing the electromechanical components by electronic components;
  • saving of time by installation as it is not necessary anymore to adjust the pressure and the temperature on each machine;
  • storage facility by the universality of the base modular system.

The development started 1st December '97, and lasted until 30th August '98. The duration of the project initially estimated for 6 months had to be extended to 9 months, but the initial budget of 33.300 ECU was respected. It is predicted that 300 units will be installed during the first and second year, and hence the payback period will be 28 months.

The realization of this project has allowed Ets. Moutarde to overcome their fears and they have also learnt how to manage a technical project. In the future Ets. Moutarde intend to develop add-on cards for laundry drying machines and ironers.


    Ets. MOUTARDE & Fils S.P.R.L.,
    1040 Bruxelles

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