Technologies used

Digital ASIC

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    2954 Machinery for textile, apparel and leather production
REEL S.r.l. is an Italian small company Founded in 1984 with 19 employees developing and producing AC, DC and BRUSHLESS power drives, conceived for motion control in industrial automation machinery. Particularly, the Company products are used in many industry for mechanical axis control and automatic mechanical movements for almost all the industrial sectors as: textile, rubber and plastic, wire-drawing, wood etc. Company products are mainly developed according to customers' specific requirements and are mostly based on PCB and microprocessor technology for control of power switching systems handling medium/high electrical power. The Company market is mainly domestic with a niche on the textile machinery with a 40% share in this specific sector. The Company has a important presence also in foreigner emerging Countries. The Company products are ranging from single driver to modular driver and microprocessor units with proprietary SW. With the aim to improve existing Company's range products, REEL decided to use, for the first time in the Company's experience, ASIC technology to perform control driver function for brushless micro-motors to be used in large quantity on textile machinery for motion control in substitution of high power systems moved by a unique high power motor. Current system employed in textile machinery for motion control is based on a traditional high power motor, equipped with an unique control driver using conventional PBC and microcontroller technologies, that through a long and noisy transmission belt, transmits the motion to various spindles for yarn manufacturing. The new system is made up of a higher number of small motors, each of them provided with a built-in miniaturised driver so that each «motorized spindles» can be directly controlled. The objective of the new technology applied to the textile machinery (and serious opportunity for many other industrial sectors) allows a very important cost reduction but with other technical benefits as: reduction of environmental noise, increase in revolution accuracy, lower power consumption. Besides, this solution really solves huge problem of mains failure causing severe crashes on textile. This solution imposes the adoption of ASIC technology for the miniaturized driver, for reasons of power and space saving, need of high accuracy and performances, and low production cost. Considering that the application changes the REEL's production from high power unique to low power distribute systems, are expected: reduction of overall costs, conquest of new markets and retrofit of old REEL (and nor REEL) products. The actual project duration was 17 months instead of the planned 9. The Application Experiment has been carried out with an investment of about 87K€ of which 70K€ was the FUSE investment. It needed an overall effort of 203 person days. The payback period of the FUSE investment is anticipated at 13 months and an ROI of 625% expected over three years of sales. REEL's technicians and management gained new experiences in their respective activities and the AE produced a strong impulse to become autonomous in a future replication. The Application Experiment is of interest for every company working in industry automation field where space saving and low producing cost are required.
REEL S.r.l. Electronic Power Drives
Via Riviera Berica n. 26
36024 Ponte di Nanto (VI)

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Digital ASIC technology provided REEL S.r.l. with the means of improving its products and enhancing its market position. You can also achieve significant benefits by acquiring the right microelectronics technology and utilising it in your product or manufacturing process. You can get help from FUSE to realise this.

FUSE is a technology transfer programme, funded by the European Commission to stimulate the wider use of microelectronics technologies by European enterprises to increase their competitiveness and enhance their economic growth. The demonstrator described here is one of many examples in the public FUSE portfolio covering the whole spectrum of microelectronics technologies and spanning a wide range of applications and industry sectors.

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