Frequency-Controller-board adaptation to SMD
SMD increases functional density by 20%
Technologies used


Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    29 Lifts and handling equipment
THYSSEN AUFZÜGE GmbH with its headquarters in Neuhausen near Stuttgart, develops, produces, installs and services lifts for the whole range of use worldwide.
The companies of the THYSSEN AUFZÜGE Group, which is the largest group of companies of THYSSEN INDUSTRIE AG, have approx. 19,000 employees worldwide.
THYSSEN AUFZÜGE manufactures the complete electrical lift equipment. Apart from the control - the heart of the lift - this equipment consists of the additional main devices drive, car equipment, well equipment and Teleservice. Prior to the starting of the AE the electrical modules produced by THYSSEN AUFZÜGE were equipped with wired electronic components. Modules based on SMD technology were purchased from third parties.
Electronic components are faced with a rapid change from wired case packages to SMD components. The change-over to SMD technology is mandatory for technical and economical reasons.
The AE aimed at improving the in-house manufacturing process of printed circuit boards by introducing SMD technology for the areas electrical engineering and production departments at THYSSEN AUFZÜGE. This new technology shall improve the competitiveness and reduce the costs for the electronic modules.The new requirements for the handling of this technology in the development and production department are subject to gaining specific know-how.
In the course of the AE the know-how necessary for SMD technology was introduced at THYSSEN AUFZÜGE. An electronic module of the frequency controller drive equipped with wired technology was adapted to SMD-inserted technology for this purpose. At the same time the investments necessary for introducing SMD technology and the future in-house development and in-house production of SMD modules were made.
In-house production of SMD modules improves the flexibility for meeting special customer requirements and reduces the development costs, in particular, as far as redesigns are concerned. The more compact design of SMD modules allows for integrating more functions on less space and improved EMC qualities. The in-house production of SMD modules provides for improved production load, shorter manufacturing and planning times as well as a reduction of the manufacturing costs.

A period of 13 months (1st August 1997 to 31st August 1998) was granted for carrrying out the project. The costs brought into account for this project amount to ¤ 50,256,29.- The additional investment charges amount to approx. 600 KEuro.

A return of investment (ROI) of approx. 200 % can be expected for the next 5 years. Costs for maintaining and repairing of equipment are already considered. The pay back period for the investment of 600 KEuro is 2 years.

The basic knowledge for SMD technology, the know-how for design and testability of SMD modules for the electrical engineering and production department was acquired in the course of the AE.
Bernhäuser Straße 45
73765 Neuhausen

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