Metallic products, except machinery

An intelligent security post

    Integration of microcontroller technology enables inclusion of several features into security post

An improved road traffic bollard

Microcontroller technology enables innovative road side sign development

Electronic control for gas-combustion heaters

Electronics help gas-fueled space-heaters to position themselves in high-end product segment, leading to increased profit margin

Microcontroller application for wood-based heating systems

New technologies contribute to environmental care

Gas heating appliance controller

PIC's integration for a 150% sales boost

Flat Die Plastic Extrusion

Microcontroller improves accuracy and safety and reduces material waste

Switched output temperature sensor

Microcontroller technology opens up new market opportunities

Marine Propeller Shaft Power Meter

Microcontroller Technology Reduces Cost and Improves Performance

The Smart Anchor

    Microcontroller Enables Structure Stress Monitoring

Smart Pressure Relief 'Nightingale' Bed

Improved patient care and reduced pressure sore risks through microelectronics

Feature Enhancement Based on Microcontroller Technology
Cost Reductions and Improved Performance Enabled by Microcontroller