Electronic Magnetic Ski Carrier For Cars
Microcontroller technology enables brand new ski-carrier with anti-theft and safety functions
Technologies used

Microcontroller, SMT

Industrial sector (PRODCOM code)
    25 Other Plastic Products
SUPERAUTO F.LLI BIONDI S.r.l has started its activity in 1977 and today is active in plastic, metal and rubber accessories for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, campers).
The company employs 45 persons and main Company experiences are with mechanics and plastic mould and pressing.
Activities in which the Company is involved are concerning the industrial sector of "Other Plastic Products" - PRODCOM: 2524.
SUPERAUTO is mostly present on the national market; the Company sells their products to end-user customers through a net of distributors, wholesalers, retailers and large distribution like Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
The yearly turnover of the Company was 4422 KEuro in 1999.
With this Application Experiment SUPERAUTO introduced for the first time microelectronics into their products to develop a ski-carrier for cars with an electronic microcontroller-based board having two main functions: an effective anti-theft capability and a safety system to control ski-carrier holding on the car roof. Goal for application of microelectronics on to this plastic product was that to increase the competitiveness of the product itself by adding new and higher performance, attractiveness and cost/effectiveness, in order to get a more important market penetration.
The increase of the competitiveness is expected thanks to the added technological content of the product and its innovative design.
SUPERAUTO decided to produce its own microcontroller board with a proper firmware. The product makes use of components in SMD technology, which helps to realise a product having a greater cost/effectiveness.
The AE project has been developed with an actual cost of 41.85 KEuro and an actual duration of 7 months. Further 52 Keuro are foreseen for the industrialisation cost.
Considering an average volume production of 6500 pieces after 4 years and an increase in profitability of 1.9 Euro per piece, the AE investment will be paid back in 23 months after the industrialisation phase (end of 2000), while the total investment will be paid back in 39 months.
Based on a product lifetime of 4 years the ROI (Return of Investment) has a figure of 315% for AE investment and 140% for the total investment.

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