Richard-Wagner-Strasse 1
D-38106 Braunschweig
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Juergen Kreyssig
Tel.: +49 531 3802 167
Fax.: +49 531 3802 110
Email: ttn@iam.de
WWW: www.iam.de



The Institute for Applied Microelectronics (IAM) has been founded in 1984 to assist mainly SMEs in the area of microelectronics. The main competencies of the IAM are in the areas of PCB, FPGA, ASIC and training.

PCB: A production of prototype series is possible based on an SMT (surface mount technology) assembly line including SMT pick and place machines, a bonder, vapour soldering system and printed circuit board testers.

FPGA, ASIC: Application specific integrated circuits have mainly ben designed for industrial electronics, telecommunications, and automobile electronics. In addition, the emulation of ASICs via FPGAs, FPGA migration and Multi-Project-Wafer services are supported.

Since 1984 more than 1,350 project for more than 540 industrial companies (mainly SMEs) have been realised, which demonstrates the close contact to medium-sized industries. Because of this successful work, the IAM has the entire support of the Federal ministry for education, science, research and technology and of the industrial associations for the electrical industry "Zentralverband der Elektronikindustrie" (ZVEI) and for the mechanical engineering "Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagen-bau" (VDMA). In addition, a close co-operation with the cambers of commerce and other regional support organisations, research institutes and universities has been established.

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