Tecnopolis Csata Novus Ortus
Str. Prov.Casammassima Km
I-370010 Valenzano Bari
Contact person: Pino Creanza
Tel.: +39 80 877 0346
Fax.: +39 80 695 1868
Email: TTN@rob.tno.it
WWW: www.tno.it
CSATA is a non-profit Consortium whose partners are universities, public organisations and industrial companies, dedicated to the promotion and development of the first Italian scientific and technological park (based in Valenzano) whose objective consists in bringing innovation, through a variety of means, to Italian industry. The key expertise areas are Digital Semicustom Design, Analog Cells Design, Electrical/Functional resets from SSI toULSI (160 pins), Specialised electrical tests, ASIC debusg and repair, Non-destructive physical analysis, Destructive Physical analysis, Environmental Tests, Quality Systems and Operative Quality Consultancy.
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