CESVIT Microelettronica S.r.L.
Centro Direzionale Malaparte
Via Cecchi 30
I - 59100 Prato
Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Fabrizio Innocenti
Tel.: +39-0574-520721
Fax.: +39-0574-520722
Email: ttn@cesvitmicroelettronica.it
WWW: www.cesvitmicroelecttronica.it

CESVIT Microelettronica aims to stimulate the regional technological transfer by providing a direct access to the most advanced technologies, with special attention to the new microelectronics ones, and by helping the companies in accessing the most suitable national and European Community instruments. Our engineering staff can provide a wide support to the companies, ranging from the assistance in the definition of new products or processes and the execution of feasibility studies, to the design of systems, MCMs, ASICs, and FPGAs. To make the technology transfer effective, our services include the support on projects management, on market and business analysis, the provision of training, the guidance in exchanging best practices as well as a one-stop turn-key access to low volume production. The quality and the effectiveness of such a support and assistance is witnessed by more than fifty projects funded in different European and National programs.
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