The First User Action (FUSE) is a Technology Transfer programme in microelectronics.

FUSE provides you:

  • Best practice in acquiring specific microelectronics technologies and conducting full development projects through its portfolio of real life demonstrators.

  • Local training and expert support to help you conduct your project successfully.

FUSE utilises a portfolio of demonstrators to persuade enterprises to adopt new microelectronics technologies and to show these enterprises how to overcome the knowledge, technology, cultural and other barriers that have prevented them from utilising the appropriate technologies to achieve economic growth.

Each demonstrator in the FUSE portfolio is based on a real life application experiment illustrating how a European enterprise has adopted a specific microelectronics technology to improve a product or process, covering the whole spectrum of current technologies and spanning a wide range of industry sectors.

FUSE supports enterprises through a network of Technology Transfer Nodes (TTNs) covering all regions of Europe. The TTNs promote the first use of a wide range of microelectronics technologies and support enterprises in their regions to acquire these technologies through expert advice, feasibility analysis and training.

FUSE is funded by the European Commission (EC) under the Information Technologies programme, ESPRIT, of the Fourth Framework.


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